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Wrist Injuries Suck!

Wrist Injuries suck!
3 days i got a right wrist injury after fully recovering from a left wrist injury only some time ago. I now want that i get a very strong pair of those suckers. Do u have any exercises and/or programs to make them strong. Maybe post links or pics or videos of the exercises please.

i still train though on the left side using dumbells etc. Do u guys have any recommendations for dealing with wrist injuries and a good program i may do while recover.

P.S I got the injury while bench pressing a slightly higher weight than i normally had to do for 10*3 and then my wrist twisted. Damn!

2 wrist injuries in a row? That’s no coincidence.

I bet you let your hands fall back to far when bench pressing.

Also, you should probably train your wrist extensors.

Have you read this article?


Wrist injuries are more likely due to fatigue of your tendons from overextension (rolling your wrists). Invest in some wrist wraps. Wear them every time you put weight in your hands in a pushing movement (incline, flat, overhead pressing). Your tendons will heal in about six months. There’s nothing you can do to speed up the healing, but you can stop injuring them. Check out this link, and good luck.