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Wrist/Hand Injury with Atlas Stones

Monday I was practicing Atlas stones with a 200-something lb sandbag and I think I may have injured my wrist, specifically near my thumb and first 2 fingers. I was lifting the bag from the floor when it felt like my wrist “disconnected” from my arm. It hurt like hell but didn’t swell.

I had some trouble opening and closing my hand and maintaining a good grip on the bar when I did my cool-down squats (I do 5/3/1 for squats, then practice stones with the sandbag, then do 3 lighter sets of squats). My hand hasn’t bruised or swelled and actually feels fine today, but I don’t want to jump back into anything too quickly and risk re-injury. So I’m thinking Ill just do some sprints today (I do these anyway) and something light that doesn’t put too much stress on my hands and wrists.

Anyone have ideas as to what this injury might be? I was on the early stage of the lift (getting the sandbag onto my thighs) when I felt it “pop”. Also, what are some good exercises to prevent future injury, as I don’t want this to come up again.

I see this was posted quite a while back. I had the same happen to me today, hownlong did the injury last and was it serious?