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Wrist/Forearm Injury

A few months ago I had a slight soreness between my elbow and wrist it went away and wasnt to bad to deal with.
Now months later I have a sharp pain that goes on the inside between my elbow and wrist. It’s affecting my arm day heavely - Curls are doable but the first rep especially I can barely get it up without cheating a little bit.

Anyway - any clue what the hell this is? It’s starting to piss me off to the point where I’m throwing my weights down ect - just really setting my temper off.

Also take time off what hurts it or just go to an extremely low weight? I’m bulking and in the middle of taking a test booster so I really don’t wanna slap my active rest week right in the middle of it to let it recover.

do you know what caused this? overuse or trauma?

I’m going to assume overuse - or might have strained it somehow lifting.

Is on the thumb side or pinky side of your wrist/forearm?

It may be a tennis elbow or related type problem. Cheating is most definitely NOT the answer.

  1. Is thsi BB curls? If so, try DBs movements.

  2. Drop your weights down about ~10% and do some superslow reps for a while. Absolutely no jerks at the top or bottom. Take this opportunity to really squeeze your biceps at the top — this will give you good stimulation to make up for the lesser weight.

I’m currently dealing with a similar issue.

Hurts to turn doorknobs, hell even bend a nalgene bottle up to my mouth to drink.

Just below the elbow.

My guess is it’s tendonitis/muscle strain associated with overuse.

I take an anti-inflamitory (200 mg’s ibuprofen three times a day with food) to take the edge off, but it still hurts. I’m 5 weeks into a 12 week program so there is no way I’m going to adjust my workouts, I’m just pushing through it. As for flexibility, I’ve employed a trick I learned in physical therapy after I broke my elbow on my unaffected arm about 5 years ago.

Every evening I hold a hammer in my hand, at the bottom, keep my elbow stationary, and twist my wrist back and forth holding the hammer upright. I do this in sets of 10 for 20 reps. It seems to help.


It’s on the pinky side and its BB and DB doesnt matter. Someone suggested actually using straps so I don’t grip as hard while it is trying to heal.