Wrist/Forearm/Bicep Pain

Very strange that 3 weeks ago I was doing a LIGHT, super light underhand med ball throw and immediately felt my wrist, elbow and bicep lower insertion get super tight. I was like dang, I was not warmed up and it was zero degrees out so maybe just a strain. The day before I did do a bunch of farmers walks with thick DBs so my forearms were toast.

That day I felt it I stopped the throws, but still could do DB rows. Then I took a week off of lifting as it was a download week anyways, was traveling for holidays, and did get lots of snow shoveling in which did not bother it. Neither did yanking the starter on the snow blower. So I assumed if it was any kind of strain that a week of light activity would keep the blood flow but let it recover.

After one week I started feeling very random stabbing or electrical pain for just a second at times from my elbow going into my lower bicep. I went and got some ART work, as with other tweaks a good session of ART will snap things back into shape within a few days. Nada…it does not hurt all the time, and I can still bench, pushups, push press, med ball chest passes, etc. Its just heavy gripping, chins, or rows that would make it hurt so I have kept off of them…but randomly get that pain from elbow into bicep…

I have detached the other bicep in the past, same spot, so I know its not detached as I can flex and see the muscle etc, all in the same place, no bruising, no swelling, and even with ART on the wrist, back of forearm, elbow and bicep I was not in pain (which I assume if something was torn ART would have me jumping off the table).

This is killing me as I cannot do any pulling, any olympic lifts, no deadlifts, etc. 3 weeks of taking it easy and still not right. Is there any sort of connective tissue running from the back of the wrist, up the backside of the forearm, and then coming over into inside of elbow and attaching into the lower bicep that I could have strained, partially torn, or irritated?

I am trying to find a doc to go get it checked out as its been going on too long, but I have been training for 30 years and tweaked all kinds of stuff and this is a new one for me. So detrimental to training though because it eliminates all pulling and olympic lifts which is my bread and butter.

Someone suggested TB-500, but I never heard of it until just now and not really sure I want to go some unexplored route like that, plus it seems expensive.

Can tendonitis happen in one immediate instant? Always thought it was from continual overuse and wear…this was a one time underhand med ball throw and a very definite immediate pain from wrist, up back of forearm and into front side of elbow and lower bicep.


And if this is tendonitis, it seems people are doing prolotherapy and PRP, but insurance does not cover it and its freaking expensive…

I was on HGH script from my doctor for endocrine issues, but financially have been unable to afford it lately so that is out of the question too

There are two kinds of tendonitis: acute, and chronic. If it happens in an instant, then yes, it can still be tendonitis. Chronic is more accurately called tendonosis.

Thank you!