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Wrist Extension Pain


I've been having issues with my dominant hand's wrist lately. I'm coming here for questions since there's an issue w health insurance at the moment, so lets assume I dont have access to scans/docs.

The issue is mostly extension related. I can't do normal pushups, even after warming them up. I can do them on my fist though. When I bench (I train westside style, just so you know what im doing and goals) my wrists don't hurt, but after them I cant get close to 90 degrees flexion or extension without a decent amount of pain. I can hold onto anything without pain, though.

One other important note. About 3 weeks ago I was having some nerve type issues. I could not reach out far, meaning use my scaps for the last couple inches of a movement, and I couldn't pull either. It disappeared after I did some pressing work and stretched my whole shoulder capsule.

Last detail, my hand extensors are weak as shit. I was thinking about the possible imbalances and was thinking about doing some rice digs for this.

Suggestions would be incredible. Thanks ahead of time.


Do you type a lot?

Why do you say your wrist extensors are weak?


My post didnt come through about a week ago. anyway....

I havent been working my forearms completely, only grip work. Also, I've been neglecting my biceps. I just know that my extensors are shit because they cannot handle any weight compared to my flexors, by a long shot in wrist curl, daily life, etc.

I'm in college so typing is a must, but I don't think I type too often. Havent had papers in about a year now and don't type very often outside of the occasional email checks.

One more note. I cant squat over 135 without wraps. They murder my wrists. Full or false grip doesn't change anything.


Where is your pain? Front or back of the wrist?

What grip work have you been doing? Noticing any results?