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Wrist Curls: What Weight Do You Use?


I think I have reasonably good forearms, but am a bit surprised at how low the weights I use are.
Reverse wrist curl (on knees, 4 sets of 12) I use about 63lb
Wrist curls behind back (4 x 12) I use about 132lb.

Do these weights compare favourably with what everyone else is using?

BTW I have 14 5/8" forearms


Almost exactly what I'm using!


why do wrist curls?

why not gain forearm size through

adding thickness by around the bar when you bench
squeezing the life qutta bar when you do shrugs
Reverse Curls

wrist curls are completely useless man, just add variation to things you already do.

The Immortal


I already do DB Hammer cursl with thick bar, I already do reverse curls on and off (thumbless grip, as for squeezing I have closed my #2COC.)
I have certainly noticed growth since starting the wrist culs, and BTW mant arm wresters and grip specialist incorporate wrist curls so ,to me , you evaluation of them as completey useless isn't worth the paper its written on.
Isolation exercises are usefull to bring up weak points, forearms in my case.


I do 135lbs behind the back for only 2 or 3 sets of 5. It feels hard.
Then I do more sets with 115 and then 95 on the bar.


I've only done light wrist curls right before a show, and only in hopes of improving my vascularity. Still, with heavy back work, my forearms used to measure 15", which when compared to my small wrists, looked pretty damn cool -lol

I think if you're doing enough 'real' training, it's just a waste of time to work your forearms unless you're just genetically weak in that area.



Agreed. Stu is on point.


useless? tear rolls down cheek

anyway man, i dont do wrist curls and my forearms are more fierce than most peoples calfs

i as jus giving my p.o.v NEVER critique any suggestion if you didnt like it you couldve ignored it


say it right brother! say it right


Every couple weeks I do a Forearm Quadrilogy (like the delt triad superset ha ha http://www.tmuscle.com/..._shoulders_fast ).

10reps Reverse wrist curls
10reps Side wrist curls (hang you arm at your side and flex your wrist towards and away from you with a weight)
10reps Supination/pronation with a weight
10reps Wrist curls (usually with a higher weight than the rest)

Then do it 3 times. You'll feel the best forearm pump ever.

I also do a Back/Forearms day every once and awhile with a 3x6 of heavy wrist curls.

I find a dedicated forearm set helps with any wrist soreness/grinding, gives you a great mind/muscle connection for those heavy grip days and helps improve your grip.


I've gone up to 110lbsx12~ but I don't train forearms so often right now, not really lagging in there.

On one hand heavy gripping work on pulling movements as well as bicep movements will do most of the work. However, I don't think you can't improve forearms by training them directly. You can hit them, but with realistic expectations.

Finally if someone wants huge forearms but he's curling the pink dumbbells the answer is pretty obvious.


Sure, but its a good way of getting the discussion going!
Sounds like you have good genetics, My fore arms are fairlty good; but I want them REALLY good!" LOL, sorry if my reaction offended :slightly_smiling:


As well as you could have ignored his.
BTW: Fierce forearms? That sounds a little weird.