Wrist Curl Relative Strength

Should strength on wrist curl with a pronated grip be the same as with a supinated grip?

I ask because I’m stronger with the supinated and wonder if I should bring up the pronated strength or use different loads for each.

I don’t think they don’t have to be equal, but there’s probably an optimal ratio.

There was an article a while back about people should be doing more wrist extensions.

I doubt they could ever be equal unless you neglected supinated entirely — AND do zero grip-related exercises.

When I first started doing pronated WCs, the weight ratio was about 3:1 (supinated vs. pronated). Now that I’ve worked PWCs hard for some time, I’m quite happy with my forearm extensor development, but ratio is still about 2:1.

I don’t spend any time worrying about though.


thanks i’ll try and stick to a 1:2 ratio