Wrist cartilage injuries

The other week I injured my left wrist. Turns out it is probably a tear of the triangular fibrocartilage complex. Has anybody else had similar injuries to their wrist cartilage. If so what was done for it and how long were you unable to use your wrist. What other otions/therapies are there other than athroscopic surgery to correct it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I did the sme thing to my wrist a few years ago. I was out of commision for about a month. I could not train any uppper body without alot of pain. BUT, I did make my legs grom about an inch and a half that month. It was the only body part I could do - so I did it. i did situps to. When my wrist finally felt better I started out slowly, then came back stronger than before. i would definitly heat and ice it every night along with glucosamin 1500mgs/chondroitin 1200/mgs with about 4000mgs of vitamin c a day. Injuries suck, but you’ve got to lay out so you can train stronger later.

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