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Wrist Bends Back on Max Bench Attempts


I have broken both my wrists in the past. Whenever I take a max attempt or near max in any press movement, my wrists bend back, and get messed up for a few days. For this reason, over the last year or two I have begun taping my wrists, and the problem goes away.

However, I just read the rules for the raw powerlifting fed., and wrist wraps/taping are not allowed. I plan on entering a meet next year, so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue.


There are lots of raw feds that allow them if it's really that bad an issue.

Increasing your wrist strength would be a good idea anyway though I think.

Are you squeezing the bar during your bench?


Do raw feds not allow belts? I would consider wrist wraps a safety device more than a method to milk out more performance than you would otherwise be capable of. I don't know too much about powerlifting and the rules they use. Just seems odd to me.


Some Raw feds allow wraps, others do not.

I know USAPL and APF allow them, AAU and 100% RAW do not.

As far as I know, all Raw feds allow the use of belts.


huh... learn something new every day I guess.


yea i have the same problem. some raw feds allow them.......if its a big problem go to one of those meets.......


It's enough of a problem. I figure I should probably just strengthen my wrists/forearm anyway though. Anyone do anything other then the usual for that?


probably not enough. I'll focus on that a little more


Even when I wrap my wrists I tend to cock my wrists back. Here are some suggestions:

-lowering the bar with a hard initial flare. Your wrists are much more likely to cock back if you tuck your elbows through the whole range of motion

-pinching my shoulder blades together as hard as possible. This partially relates to the point above. It just gives a stronger base which allows better bar path control.

-train very heavy weights without wraps. Consider overloads (rack lockouts, high boards) of more than you will take to your chest and hold the weight at the top of each rep for a second or two.


This might sound too obvious to say, buuuut.... where you grip the bar in your hand will have an effect. I've started to jam the bar between the base of my thumb and heal of my hand recently so the weight's pretty much straight over my forearm.

Obviously if you're holding the bar further up in your hands towards your fingers there's a greater potential for it to cock back.


a thumbless grip will help achieve what Hanley suggested. Just make sure it is legal in your fed of choice... oh and a good spotter is always a good idea.


I find if I go w/out the tape on heavy lockouts, I tend to rest most of the weight on the outside lower edge of the palm. this helps a little bit, but there is definitely a point where my wrist strength holds me back.




heavy wrist roller?