Wrist / Ankle Size as Predictors of Size

Since wrist and ankle circumference are fairly good predictors of frame size, can they be accurately used to predict maximum possible size ? If so, how?


We get one of these threads once every few months. Just lift the fucking weights and stop obsessing over your wrists


Seems Dexter Jackson ignored this “fairly good predictor.” I saw him win the Overall as a bantam weight at a National Qualifier. At less than 132lbs he stood out with large muscle bellies (for a 132lb’er) that were accented by his small joints. Look him up if don’t know who he is.


If you have a huge frame, is that an indicator that you will likely be a larger person and hold more mass? Yes.

If you don’t, does that mean you can’t get really big and look even bigger due to your small frame? No.

There are far too many other factors like genetics for muscle growth, drugs, etc.


Seriously we just had someone on here with a new account asking the same thing. So are you the same person?

Be the best YOU. Don’t worry about anything else. Thats all I’m going to say about it.


Oh boy! This again. :roll_eyes:


I think it would be difficult to get your upper arms, neck and calves bigger than 3 times the size of your wrists.

Strength is a much better predictor of size, in my opinion.

Yes, but no?

There’s probably a maximum proportional size at any point in time. For instance, if your wrist is X, your forearm is no more than N*X.

However, your wrist and ankles can get thicker. Tendons and ligaments can get thicker. Bones can get denser. Bones may also be able to get thicker under certain circumstances (the science is a bit mixed on this).

If you start out with 6" wrists, you’ll probably never end up with 9" wrists. But you might end up with 7 or 7.5" wrists. Maybe more, maybe not.

If you max out everything… bone, tendons, ligaments, muscle, I’m sure there’s an upper limit. No human has ever had arms the size of a mature elephant’s forelegs.

But your particular limits are probably higher than you think they are.

I haven’t seen a, “what is my bf%?” post in awhile.

Bonus points for holding up a shoe obviously.

Eh depends on how you train. I would say I was much bigger than many people that were “stronger” than me.


Is this like a gen z thing? I’ve never heard someone worry about their wrist and ankle circumference before.


I was literally thinking this when I read the first post and though to my self, I need to post up a picture holding a shoe with the question guess the number. LOL


Same. Plenty of scrawny guys out there with crazy deadlifts there days.

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I mean, maybe other types of girth, sorry, circumference, but yeah, ankles and wrists? Get a real problem.

Most asking about wrist size, have a real problem. They want an assurance that if they get into this endeavor they will get the results to make it worth the effort. And they have an excuse if their lame effort doesn’t yield the results they desire.


We see this all the time and it is beyond stupid. Can you think of any endeavor in life where there is a guarantee of results predicated on a physical attribute. It would like asking if my finger length meant I would be a good chef or my waist size would make me good at drawing.


Very old thing.

From the very first issue of Strength Magazine in 1914. From the company that introduced plate-loaded barbells and eventually became York Barbell.

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Not really the same thing the OP is asking, but point taken.

Probably why I’ve always been more geared to powerlifting.

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What I find interesting looking at those ‘my standard’ numbers. Most people would think of those a fairly average and in this current age of ‘supplement’ assisted training nothing to write home about.
But in reality if you were 170lb lean at 5ft 8" with those dimensions you would look extremely good.
What say you @RT_Nomad ?

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Look at @T3hPwnisher or @kleinhound - those dudes weigh like 160lbs.

They probably have giant wrists though