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Wrist and Shoulder Mobility

I’m having a difficult time achieving proper front rack due to poor wrist and shoulder mobility. That being said I’ve tried a ton of different things from lacrosse balls to plain stretching. Does anyone have any ideas that could help?

This is going to follow along the same lines as stretch/mobility unfortunately, but you might want to try applying it to your lats. Because of where the lat inserts on the humerus it directly oppose the rack position if it reaches the end of its range. A lot of people don’t think about this and ignore the lats, so if you have never tried mobilizing them I’d give it a shot.

As far as wrists go you might want to try doing strength work in the wrist extensors if you don’t already. with the load demands of the olympic grips the flexors (which also close the hand) can become much stronger than the extensors, if this is the case then passive tension from the hypertrophy and the agonist action could inhibit the extension you need for your rack.

Cool thanks! I’ll def work some more passive tension into wrist workouts. With the lat suggestion you made, I was a college water polo player and swimmer so my lats are more developed than just about everywhere which could be doing the exact opposite of what you were saying… and I think it could be affecting shoulder mobility

can you post a pic of what your front racked position looks like?

How long have you been working to fix it?