Wrist and Hands

Hey guys.

I have two major problems, that’s pissing me off. And i need some advice.
First thing is that when i deadlift, my left hand is like “popping” out of the wrist. It doesn’t hurt, but feels akward and i lose my grip. Is this a result of poor grip strength, and i don’t squeeze the bar hard enough? A few months ago i did something like 5x110 kg(242 lbs) but the last couple of deadlifts have been 5x80 kg(176 lbs), then i lose my grip and the left hand is being “pulled out”.

Second is that i have “soft hands”. Everytime i lift heavy in pull exercises (deadlift, rows etc), the skin on my hands are being compressed and get very hard. This means that my next lift will be affected by this, as the skin is very sore. Is there anyway i can toughen up my skin in my hands? It’s pretty easy for you to say, just go lift some more. But the pain is really affecting my grip and in the end my lift.

I use no straps of what so ever. I’d prefer not to.

I hope some of you guys knows whats wrong with me.

I can’t be the only one that have ever had this problem?

I lift as much as possible until my hands start to get cut up too much, then I slip on a pair of lifting gloves to finish the session. You get calloused eventually.

Get yourself some captains of crush hand grippers, those bad boys will strengthen you grip and harden your skin in no time. Start with the ‘Trainers’ and the number 1s, that will get you going.