Wrist and Elbow Pain

Hi everybody at T-Nation.com

I am a young guy aged 28 from Denmark. The last couple of years I have been lifting weights on a more and less regular basis. It have been a period where I went to the gym a lot for a couple of months, and then got too “busy” for a couple of monts.
When my self confidence went down, I got back to the gym, just to stop again once I feelt alright again.

I have now finally found a routine that suits my needs, my time available and my mood.
I used to do 3x10 reps, but have now moved on to more heavy lifting with a 5rpm.
I really liked training this way. I was following a full body program and I was in and out of the gym fairly quick.

BUT - unfortunately my elbow and wrist joints hurt when I lift this heavy, so I can’t keep it up.
So what can I then do?

I really do not want to go back to 3x10 sets - it takes too long and the progress is not satisfying.

Who should I contact to help me set up a program that can help me?

Please excuse me if this thread is too long, but it is my first post in here. I tried posting the same question at forums in Denmark - but the answers were useless.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards