Wrist and Elbow Pain During Squats

I have been doing Starting Strength with my own small mods (addition of face pulls, curls, tricep pulldowns, pullups, and lateral raise). I have been having wrist and elbow pain during my squats. I think I have the hand position wrong so…I took a pic for anyone who has read/done SS or is just big into squatting’s critique. It was a hurried pic, and I didnt have a rack near me as I was not at the gym, so bear with me. Thanks for the help and advice in advance.

The pain does not last, and is not an injury, but I dont think your wrists and elbows should feel strained during a leg exercise. The pain is like when you get chicken winged and as soon as the tension is off and I walk away from the squat rack it fades. Im not doing crazy amounts of weight either as the program slowly builds up, but I figured I would fix this now. Thanks again.


[quote]Zeppelin0731 wrote:
I took a pic for anyone who has read/done SS[/quote]

Is that the bar you use for squats? There’s no knurling in the middle, so it will slip down more easily and force your wrists to work harder. If you have access to a better bar, use it.

Chalk the back. Normal people will give you weird looks, but they’ll shut up when you use 3-4 plates.

Don’t chicken wing. Look up. Try to do a behind the neck press with the bar. Some use the cue “push your elbows forward”, but trying to press works better for me. Do whatever works for you.

I like to have the bar lower, on my rear delts and rhomboids. You’ll need more meat there, it will help a lot.

Become a better presser. Helps with holding the bar. Supporting close to twice your max bench is a bitch, so get better at pressing and your hands will be able to handle this easier.

All this should help a little. If not, show us a vid and tell us what kind of weight you use.

Well, thanks for the input kakno. Looks like nobody else has anything to say. Suprising as we are on T-Nation, the site of a thousand different opinions, especially when it comes to all things squatting.