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Wrinkly, Dry Neck Skin Since Starting TRT

36 year old male…started TRT 11 months ago.

I’ve always had fairly dry facial skin but in the past 11 months my neck suddenly resembles that of a 90 year old. Wrinkly, crepey, dry. When you pinch it it doesn’t snap back fully. Also VERY noticeable wrinkles next to my ears have appeared.

My E2 is high 20’s with test at 780 so it’s not E2 related I shouldn’t think, although I have tanked it a few times when trying AI’s. I’m aware low E2 can cause dry skin.

Thyroid is fine.

It may well not be TRT related but it’s a coincidence if not. I have a feeling the dermo will say it’s sun damage but I have barely been out in it in the last year and it’s come in rapidly. I’m also only 36 FFS.

I expected TRT to help with collagen and skin moisture, instead I now have the skin and side of face of someone over double my age. Defo isn’t eczema, psoriasis etc as genuinely just looks like wrinkly old dehydrated skin.

Anyone else notice anything similar as I’m completely lost here…

We’re assuming e2 might cause neck skin issues now? Where does that even come from?

I’v read various complaints of low E2 levels causing dry skin in both males and females on noticeboards. May or may not be true. Don’t know.

As I’ve said, i haven’t got low E2 so it’s besides the point.

Are you losing weight rapidly? Hydrating enough?

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No rapid weight loss.

I don’t drink enough water if I’m being honest…and I take creatine which doesn’t help matters. But dehydration shouldn’t cause a physical effect to that extent and I’ve had weeks where I’ve drank 4 litres of water a day and it’s not improved.