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I?m a middle aged guy who has had good success with oral antioxidants and StriVectin in the last few months to decrease facial wrinkles. I?ve actually seen my forehead wrinkles significantly reduced (after years of sun abuse).

Anyway, I wanted to go the final yard and got my hands on some powerful Retin A. It?s potent stuff and I?m using a very expensive SPF 100 sun block that can?t even be purchased in the US from what I?ve heard. My plans are to use it nightly for a couple of weeks on my forehead for starters and then move onto other areas if some significant “success” is achieved.

And all of that leads to my questions:

  1. Any tips/directions on Retin use would be much appreciated. (I’m not working with a dermatologist/plastic surgeon as I can’t afford them.) I always wash it off in the morning and apply the strong sun block. But any other advice would be much appreciated.

  2. What can I do for my eyes? I?ve got crow?s feet in my ?eye sockets? but not extending out from my eyes. So I need something to apply to the thin eye-skin that?s in the ?socket? area. I know I can?t put Retin or StriVectin there right? What can I do that will be effective?

Thx for the help in advance?

I’d see a dermatologist before fucking up my face.

[quote]sic 10-52 wrote:
I’d see a dermatologist before fucking up my face.[/quote]

The only thing you have to worry about with Retin is that you use good sunscreens. It will peel off a couple of layers which will tan differently if you don’t watch out…