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I recently wrote up a post in the “Looking Good Nekkid” section about trying to lose a lot of weight for wrestling season. Because the amount of weight was so severe (about 12-13lbs in a matter of weeks), I would obviously be resorting to a lot of water/glycogen loss, as opposed to actual fat. I have fat to lose, I got 6 point caliper tested at 9.6%, but I imagine I’m significantly higher (probably around 12, and I hold it all in my chest/ab area, so I look even chubbier).

A lot of people I know think what I’m doing is unhealthy, and that teenagers shouldn’t put themselves through workouts in rubber suits and nights sitting in saunas to “make weight”, yet the practice continues. “You’ll wrestle like crap if you dehydrate yourself” people tell me, yet whenever I drop to a lower weight class, I win a lot more often! And my teammates all cut weight, too. My coach cut weight, his coach cut weight, and his coach before him cut weight… and all were successful wrestlers.

I know it’s not the best thing to do, but it’s my only option if I want to be varsity. I’m willing to lose a pound or two of muscle, some actual fat, and a lot of water to get down to 145. I have 9 months a year to build muscle the smart way, so if for 3 months I have to sacrifice a month or 2 of hard work in the offseason (losing a bit of muscle), so be it! I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but if anyone wants to respond, please do so here, and ont in my other post where I am looking for help in losing the weight. If you have serious issues, I’m willing to listen to them, but constructive criticism and advice are far different than mere flaming/bashing.

Thank you.

A friend of mine has been a wrestler for many years and has always had to drop water to make weight.

I’m not sure of the details, but here’s what he told me. He said that since his weigh in was the night before the actual competition he’d have some time to play with. During that time a certain lab infused him with saline equivalent to the amount of water he lost. You can calculate this based on weight. As it turned out, he made weight and felt absolutely fantastic the next day for the competition.

Don’t know how things work for you or if this is allowed, but that’s what I heard.


I have posted many messages on this board and have never flamed anyone,(although I plan to someday, haha just kidding).

I am being quite sincere when I tell you to stop trying to lose excessive amounts of weight. Varsity may mean a lot to your right now, but in a few years it will mean almost nothing to you.

What is important, and what will remain important is your total health. You received many of these types of answers when you posted on the other board. This is because many of us have been through it and we know.

You will ultimately do what you want to do, obviously. However, keep in mind it is better to have your health, be fit and strong, not to mention your full adult height, than to have wrestled on the varsity team.

Best of luck, whatever you decide to do!


As I see it, you’re better off letting your body grow, rather than trying to hold it back to be in a certain weight class. If your body naturally stayed in the 145-lb range, then sure, why not stay in that weight class until you do grow.

But it seems as though you are working very hard against your body to stay at a lower weight than it wants to be. This is unhealthy and could have drastic side effects down the road.

ZEB said it right. Your overall health is most important.

Also, wouldn’t you rather let your body grow and get stronger, than to force it to stay smaller and weaker? I would want to make sure I’m doing everything right so I don’t affect my health in the long run.

I figure I have 9 months of the year to grow and get stronger. This time of year, these 3 hellacious months, I lose some muscle and a lot of water and wrestle. The sport means more to me than bulging biceps and a killer chest.

depsyphor, you got to weigh the plus and minuses. What, I mean is sit down on with a pen and paper and write down on one half of the sides the Pro’s in losing wieght and wrestling for Varsity and the other a Con. If the pro’s out weigh the con then I would cut weight for Varsity. And not don’t let the coach be one of the Pro’s ethier that he cut weight and was a successful Wrestler.

Its, about you and you only! Will you be a better wrestler if you cut weight? Will you get a wrestling scholarship to a college if you cut weight ect… Personally, I wouldn’t do it. But, then again this is about you and not me.

In Health,

Silas C.

I figure I have 9 months of the year to grow and get stronger.

How much did you weigh last year?

Depending on how many years he has in school. I’d tell him to go for it. I’ve cut weight at his age and was perfectly healthy. my bp was 110/70/ resting pulse rate 42. I was in shape.

This was done at the age of 18-19 when I was 5'6" and 142 lbs. I contiuned cutting until i was 25 yuears old. It was done with a plan and there were no health risks. My weight now is 200 at 5'7" at forty years of age. It's only a season people.

I’ve seen some abuses of cutting weight in wrestling, but honestly not any serious problems in years in this area. Remeber wrestling is big in Pa. My school district had some of the top wrestling teams in various years in the country. The sport was huge here.Guys cut weight, but survvived to become healthy and sometimes tubby adults.

Another point: wrestling is also a team sport. Mike might be helping his team at that weight. If he intelligently cuts the weight, he’ll be fine with no long term probelms. the amount he wants to lose is in the ballpark. At 18 I lost ten lbs in a month and a half with no loss of strength, and actually a gain.

It sounds like you already made up your mind before posting this. So why ask for our validations?

C’mon man, it’s been three days.

How much did you weigh last year?