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wrestling workouts

i was wondering is any one knew any good wrokouts for wrestlers cardio and lifting. any help would be great.

Hi, Pitbull. I have NO expertise in the area of wrestling. However, if you type in the word “wrestling” on the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a TON of threads/discussions on the subject.

Additionally, be sure to search the article archives at www.t-mag.com. The search engine for the forum is different than the one for the articles.

Happy reading. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!!

thanx i already started to check out some of the old threads and will continue to look. i knew that t-mag was the place to look just needed to be pointed in the right direction.

Pitbull, the search engine sometimes works best if you type in a single word. Try different words specific to wrestling. “Grappling” got some nice hits also.

My first thoughts on the subject of wrestling is that strength more than hypertrophy would be extremely beneficial. There are some great 5x5 strength programs. Look for Joel Marion’s “Ripped, Rugged and Dense” strength program. Also, do a search on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Finally, boxing is not the same as wrestling (obviously), but you might want to do a search on it anyway because there is some cardio-type carryover.

Best of luck to you. You’re right. T-Mag is an INCREDIBLE resource.

Check out my article in this week’s issue of t-mag on HOC (high octane cardio)

I second Mike Mahler’s idea about looking at his article. I am not a wrestler but two of my best buddies are. They both do a lot of cario type things like the hight octaine stuff he wrote about and they say it works great. I e-mailed both of them the article and they loved it.


Thanks for the support and for sending my article to your friends.

I’m sure coach John Davies could hook you up with a great renegade program for wrestlers. I assuming it would be similar to the mma program.

i read the article in fact it gave me the idea to post the forum. i really like the article but i have not had a chance to do any yet im stuck in cental asia but ill be back soon so im wanting to compile all the info i can before i get home. im looking forward to going at all the high octane workouts. i did another hoc workout at a college camp. you take a olympic plate and do 10 reps tri extensions 10reps military press off the chest 10 around the worlds i dont know how to explain those but im sure i could if i tried real hard 10 last 10 reps bent over rows then you sprint halfway around a track and then repeat only 9 reps this time till you get to 0 or pass out.

Thanks for the post and great workout ideas. I look forward to hearing about your results with HOC

i was wondering. ive been hearing and read about john davies and i was wondering how i would go about asking him to help with a renegade wrestling program maybe he has all ready made one i dont know

You can start with Mike Mahlers High Octane Cardio. Those are all excellent workouts. When I wresteld we started practice with a 2 mile cross country run. Follwed by about 10 circuits of 30 situps, 30 pushups, 30 jumping jacks, 30 squat thrusts. After this there were neck bridges and various stretches, then actual wrestling maneuvers and sparring. 3 times a week we would do either figure eights up and down the gym bleachers, fireman carry relays, or 100 laps around the gym (usually this one was more a punishment if we lost to a school we should of beat). When we did weight workouts it was a ciruit of pullups, standing miliitary press, squats, bench, and deadlifts and dips. 5 reps each, no rest between exercises 3 circuits. Vomiting optional.

PitBull, if you click on the “Renegade Revolution” link at the top of the screen you can post a message to Coach Davies. That’s where all the Renegades hang out.

I read the HOC article and found it very interesting. But, can you overtrain yourself on it? I did squats today, so would bodyweight squats in HOC tomorrow likely be detrimental?