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Wrestling Shoes as Running Shoes?


I'm thinking of incorporating sprints into my routine for occasional cardio (hate that word). However, I don't have any actual running shoes, just regular everyday shoes and wrestling shoes. These are perfect for squats/deadlifts, but I've no idea how they would fare for running. These sprints would obviously be done indoors.

Thanks in advance.


they're probably better


I've done it before, and I definitely noticed that I wasn't wearing running shoes. Although some people say wearing running shoes prevents shin splits, I have never had a problem, so try it out and see how you like it.


Well, if you're sprinting and up on your toes no amount of cushion in the heel will help to prevent shin splints. I used to run indoor sprints in turf soccer shoes. Pretty much a smooth rubber tread with no heel, they worked pretty well on gym floors.


Read that


If I could turn back time I would keep running shoes the way they were in the 80s. Today's running shoes are like running on puffs of air or they overcorrected a supposed problem. The REAL problem is that we keep our infants in shoes all the damn time. You have feet for a reason. Use them.

In the past I would run 100-120 miles a week in vintage Nike Waffle racers and other "racing shoes".

Really it all depends on how much you plan on running. If it's just sprints you could probably wear combat boots, two wooden paddles...or just nothing. Try sprints w/o shoes on the grass.

If you're going to be doing some extended running I'd suggest an actual running shoe, probably a 'racing shoe' since you're going to be used to wearing smaller heel shoes anyway.


well i wrestle and to warm up at meets we run on wood floor ususally, after 3 laps my feet hurt cuz i have feet problems, but if your feet feel good, give it a try, but if the bottoms of your shoes are cloth, they are gonna fray and get torn up


Really, read this.


Well, you'll have to get new wrestling shoes after running in them because you can't just bring them back on the mats...or do you not wear wrestling shoes with wrestling in mind?


Vibram Five Fingers. As goofy as they look, they work.

Demo Dick


As long as your wrestling shoes aren't too stiff, I don't think you'll get hurt running in them. But, you are going to beat the hell out of them, so unless you want to be replacing your shoes all the time, you might want to pick up a cheap pair of running shoes.


Very interesting read. Just as good the second time around too. I'm not planning on running more than a couple times a week so I'm going to give barefoot a try.

From the article:

"When it comes to preparation, the Tarahumara prefer more of a Mardi Gras approach. In terms of diet, lifestyle and training technique, they're a track coach's nightmare. They drink like New Year's Eve is a weekly event, tossing back enough corn-based beer and homemade tequila brewed from rattlesnake corpses to floor an army."

These guys sound awesome. Perhaps the solution is to get hammered, then run.


My wrestling career ended in high school, now I'm in college and just use them for lifting. They serve as reminders of all the glory, fame and women that went along with the sport. Or something along those lines.


I find it funnier than hell that shoe companies promote these shoes with bogus studies and then charge the prices they do and come to find out you would probably be better off in a pair of keds. They cost what, 10 dollars?


Get a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, they work for everything. I now workout and run in them, they're pretty awesome. Or you could always get the Nike Free 3.0, I guess its the closest to being barefoot or wearing the VF5's


Fame...possibly, but unlikely
Women...there's been a LOT of women at my high school's meets.


Fame...Not really, no.
Women...Not in my school.