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Wrestling Shoe for Lifting

I have a question that maybe you guys can help answer. I want to purchase something I can afford and comfortable to lift in, But I am limited. My foot is 15 EE and chuck taylors only come in D width, and a lifting shoe is either too expensive or also only in D width. My question is… Will a wrestling shoe work well to deadlift and squat in? i think the sole is thin enough and I read forums that say they are pretty good to lift in, and I can get them for $60 versus $200+ for a weightlifting shoe.

I remember reading a few forums about that. One is only s few months old.

Use the search function. Good info out there.

I know many powerlifters who wear wrestling shoes. Buy them and try them.

Yep fine, loads of top lifters train in wrestling shoes

I ordered them and i am going to give them a shot. A lot of people say they are good for lifting.