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Wrestling Program


My routine for pre-wrestling will look something like this:

Upper Body Day:
6 x 2-4 Thick Bar Row and DB Bench a la Poliquin's Maximal Weights

4 x 6 Weighted Chin and Military Press

3 x 10 Hammer Curls and Tricep Extensions

Weighted Abs

Weighted GPP finisher

Lower Body Days:

6 x 2-4 Front Squat and GM a la Poliquin Maximal Weights

Weighted Abs

Sandbag Dragging

Weighted GPP

Both routines will be done twice per week. I am also playing JV football and get decent GPP there.


What weight do you wrestle at? I wrestled 189 while weighing 170-175 last year. I'm going to start doing Westside for Skinny Bastards even though I'm not such a skinny bastard, and take up a good fat loss diet. I'm 185 right now, same as I was last year but a lot stronger and less body fat.


I am now 165-170 and am going to wreslte 160.


That is by far the weirdest pre-wrestling workout ive ever seen. Whats your goals?


How tall are you, I need to seriously bulk up but right at this moment I am not sure what I should do, I am naturally bulking up with football. I will mostly be going up since I am just starting and have gained some weight (just 10 pounds).

Right now I am 205 6' wrestle at 189, I was the tallest kid in the state for that weight except for the 6'5 kid that I wrestled once. Was in the news once for beating state champion from the latter year as a freshman, but lost most of my matches because I was to weak to do much of anything especially fight back.


Hey, I'm about 184 right now and will be wrestling at 189 this year. For those of you who are trying to bulk, what is your diet like?



Kombat Athlete,

the only suggestions i have for you are is to add deadlifts and lunges to your training progam, as they are pretty applicable to wrestling....


Deadlifts I can't do because of a wierd congenital lower back fused joint thing. I feel I get enough unilateral word from the sled dragging.


personally i'd replace the rows with cleans. no better exercise for wrestling. hang cleans especially if you're a greco roman wrestler.




Isn't it a little close to the season to be bulking? Have you considered dropping a weight class?


Yea, I have considered it, but even at this weight, I'm the best we've got for 189, and the coach says that I really need to be there. We're all set at 171 and 215 already. If I need to, I'll wrestle light at 189 just to help out the team, but I really hate doing that, so if I could just get a few tips, that would be greatly appreciated.



At least you'll be able to laugh at all the miserable wrestlers on the bus who have spent the whole night cutting water...I can't really advocate too much in the way of weight gain this close to season, you'll be able to put on some weight, but at 189 you're going to have a lot of plugs who will sit and wait for you to shoot and just sprawl using a front headlock. Drilling a stellar takedown or throw would be great for someone at a weight disadvantage, especially at those heavier weights where people start to rely a lot on strength advantage. I personally liked an ankle pick, but I never wrestled that heavy, and generally cut around ten pounds of water weight before comp.


I have changed the routine so that there is one LB/UB day and the third day is a whole body day involving power clean and jerks, HSPU's and bodyweight pull-ups a la EDT, and very extensive sandbag work. Cleans are actually my favorite exercise.


keep up with the front squats! drop the arm iso shit... just my two cents, dont have to listen


great advice, never thought of that...those are rank for building suplex strength