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Wrestling opinion

Hey guys wrestling season just started again and im going heavyweight this year. I weigh about 235 right now 15% bodyfat. I won state last year at 215. My problem is every year I lose strength and mass during the season. I cant afford this considering I wanna play D1 college football next year. I take surge after weight lifting and this endurox r4 stuff after wrestling practice. My question is, would it be wise to consume as many calories as I can during the day? I try to take in 350-400 grams of protein a day but since Im wrestling Im burning a lot of caloires so I have been going to burger king to get a whopper after my post wrestling practice drink. Do you think it wont help me or make me fatter?

Seriously, you’re smart enough to know whether Burger King is going to be helpful in terms of your BF%.

A question, rather than bunch of helpful answers (hehe, sorry!). Why are you wrestling if you’re wanting to play D1 college football? Shouldn’t you be concentrating on that 110%? Just my three cents :wink:

Push yourself away from the Burger King table. If there is the slightest dought that something may make fatter or slower then why eat it. Kerry Mcoy and Stephen Neal were by no means the strongest heavyweights the years they won NCAA titles, but they sure were the most explosive of the bunch. Eat foods like fish, chicken, lean cuts of beef, and sip on protein shakes in between classes. When I wrestled in college I made sure that I ate good foods because that is the best way to recover from a grueling wrestling practice. It’s a pain in the ass, but the better you pay attention to what you eat the better off you’ll be. Alittle piece of advice for what it’s worth, forget that you won the state championships last year. It will keep you hungry and motivated.

Well if your wrestling practices are as hard as mine were you’re going to lose weight no matter what. Something to remember though, if you’re going to play division I football next year, chances are you will redshirt so if you end up losing ten to fifteen pounds during the wrestling season you have awhile to put it back on before having to compete again. BUT to be competitive at HWT, depending how the competition is and their size, you may want to eat, eat, eat so you stay on the heavier side.

as mentioned in another post, i think some of you guys are paying waaay too much attention to minutia and not the big picture. i mean come on-- “. If there is the slightest dought that something may make fatter or slower then why eat it.” this is borderline obsessive compulsive disorder. What do you get in a whopper (w/o cheese and mayo). You get about 500 calories, 50 carbs, 30 protein and 20 fat. Not ideal, but still not tooo bad. Toss one of the buns if you want to.

It’s not being an obsessive compulsive to suggest staying away from Burger King. To have it once in a while that’s fine, but he made it seem like it was a daily ritual. If part of being a champion requires you to think before you eat then by all means I’m gonna think. Some people may be able to eat what they want to eat and still reach there god given talent. Now myself on the other hand, I had to pay attention to things like what to eat or not to eat or when train and not to train. So maybe some may consider me obsessive about my training and eating habits, but it helped me become a national champion and I would do it all over again.