Wrestling Offseason Idiocy

So basically you cheated to beat competitors and you are proud of it?

I didnt start till after I finished highschool but i could tell wrestling off season(still went to club)

It made a world of a difference my reflexes were just on point!

And strength went up even faster weight felt lighter didn’t feel like i had to push as hard!

^^^^^^** up

Yup. When people ask me why I’m a misanthrope, I frequently reply that misanthropy is the logical conclusion, and I would need proof to think otherwise, haha.

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5/3/1 BBBB: W2D1: Squat

5/3/1 Squat: 3x195, 3x225, 14x250 (PR)

Squat: 5x10 @ 195 (Time: 17:20)
WG Pull-Ups: 5x10

Back Extensions: 3x20
Band Pull-Aparts: 3x20

Huge PR on the 3+ set - matched my reps from last week with 15 more pounds on the bar, two days after a bunch of KB squats. Aside from that, everything was difficult, but manageable. I was definitely sucking wind by the end of the supplemental work.

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Good work! Way to fight off cretins that push steroids. You don’t need that now and you never will. It’s cool to see a wrestler taking the appropriate steps to fill out for college wrestling! I had a scholarship to wrestle 197 in college, but only weighed 177 when it was offered. I wish I could’ve had something awesome like @T3hPwnisher advice and programming for that journey back then. I look forward to seeing the results you get! Your numbers are also impressive for someone of your body weight.



Thanks! I agree - I feel really fortunate to have examples set by Pwn, you, and a bunch of other people on the forums. It’s pretty much a step-by-step guide of what to do, directly from people who have gotten where I’m trying to go. Figuring out that I should defer (ha) some of the planning behind my training to you all has led to my best progress.

There’s a lot of wrestlers/ex-wrestlers on this website, come to think of it. You log’s another that I’ve enjoyed keeping up with.

As an aside - any advice on building pull-up/chin-up numbers? Your sets of 30+, especially given how heavy you are, are really impressive. The most I’ve ever gotten was 20. Or is it just a case of “spend a decade doing a lot of pull-ups”?

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I’m happy to hear that brother. This really is a great community, and a great place for a young lifter to learn from experienced folks!

I think Pull ups are an outstanding exercise for a wrestler, maybe the best, in my opinion. I fell in love with them as a teenager and have always done them since I was 15. In high school, my best set was a set of 24. That number has grown over time simply by doing pull ups and Chin ups. Use a lot of different hand angles, do weighted and unweighted (I like to do one style a day). I think they can be done every day and doing submaximal sets where you’re just trying to eventually hit a number (like 5 sets of 20 to get 100 or 100 in as few sets as possible) is a great way to build strength and size that will lend itself well to those AMRAP sets.

Pwnisher does 100 pull ups a day I believe, and that’s not a bad way to approach it. I believe I’ll get to 40 consecutive strict pull ups some day, and I believe you can too. Especially with you sticking to your lifting and training, and having an intelligent plan laid out in front of you. That’s vital.

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Why not 405 for 70 reps

Or 500 for 38339 reps

Why only 5? :frowning_face:

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There’s already at least one person in this thread who has beaten your max alleged trap-bar lift (which no one here believes you even accomplished, anyways) by twenty pounds, without hammering test until he has to ask Internet strangers about his disappearing libido.

I’m unsure of how you arrived at the conclusion that I’m racist, before you deleted the line insinuating that. That’s a rather strong accusation to make with zero reasoning behind it.

In all likelihood, I’ll get destroyed at first in college no matter what my numbers are. It’s a level of competition unlike anything I’ve experienced before, and I welcome the challenge.

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That’s dead wrong. Most college level wrestlers aren’t putting up near that weight dude. A lot of top level high school wrestlers don’t even lift seriously, if at all.

I don’t get the impression that either of us will gain anything by continuing this conversation.

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Hey man, never really seen this much negative clout just pop up in the beginning of a training log, but please don’t pay it any mind. Definitely an abnormal experience, but it won’t last, and this place has a lot of genuinely good dudes who would love to see your progress.

For what it’s worth, we had an all American 220 wrestler at my college. Buddy of mine actually, great guy to go drinking with. Dude couldn’t deadlift 495 for 1, much less 2-3. Strength matters a ton in wrestling; but skill does too, so don’t let anyones inflated internet numbers get in your head.


  • apparently I was wrong about the college weight classes, forgot the change after high school. Quick google confirmed the dude did indeed wrestle 197, which honestly makes the cut that did absolutely crazy, but nonetheless, my bad. Still, standards still stand for an absolutely fantastic 197 wrestler

Yeah, no worries. I’m sure this dude’s the exception to the website’s norm. You gotta appreciate the audacity of asking for an apology though, lol.

Similar story from my team - back when I was a freshman, our best wrestler was a 160-pound senior who only pulled about 315. He was quick though, had great fakes, and was a fantastic leg-rider. Built a whole style around avoiding tie-ups and blasting people when they stuttered at his fakes.

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I’d appreciate it if you would stop commenting on my log.

Ya know what, my bad. I completely messed up the weight class, and you’re totally correct that there isn’t a 220 class. nothing really to say but I misspoke. According to google my buddy was a 197. Kevin Beazley, 2017. I’ll just chalk that up to me not wrestling nor following it for…. 8 years? Oh man I’m getting old. So yup, all I know about his wrestling, and his lifting for that matter, is just what I remember from various bar side stories, since that’s the only place we ever ran into one another. Take that for what it’s worth, maybe he could lift a shit ton more and just was trying to spare my ego since I was on the powerlifting team freshman year. Somehow, I don’t think that was it. Seldom guys lie down about how much they lift lol.

All that being said, I don’t know you. Never seen a log from you, never really seen you post before. Which isn’t surprising, I’m not super active on these forums, I don’t see a lot. But I take it from the conversation you’re a grown adult. This kids 18. He’s certainly too young to be hopping on gear, if not from a competition perspective than certainly from a long term endocrine health perspective. He shouldn’t do it. And even if I’m wrong, and for some reason he should, he’s already expressed he doesn’t want to. That should be the end of that.

Maybe you found his reply offensive. Got it. He’s still a kid, A random kid on the internet, who literally has zero impact upon you and your life outside of when you hop onto the log and choose to look at what the guy is doing. Maybe you are right, maybe you aren’t, I genuinely don’t believe it matters much either way, because either way, just let it go. Yelling at random teenagers on the internet is not a fight your ever going to win, irrespective of the strength of your position.

Violated my own rule of not arguing with strangers on the internet, but I will make the exception since a teenager is involved. However, I’d rather not make it a pattern, so that’s about all I’ve got to say on the matter.

@creative_name still onboard for the training, really excited to see how you feel when ya get into the BTM program!

I gotta say, guys with a good fake just killed me. I had a nasty sprawl, about the only thing that I knew anytime I had the chance to hit it, I’d have control of this dude. Because of that, I was SUPER trigger happy with my sprawls, and damn near ate the mat on more than one occasion just from a good fake getting me to take the bait lol.

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^^^^ up


Thanks for tagging the mods there. Probably should’ve just ignored the guy past his first few posts, but oh well. I don’t imagine anyone else here will have much of an issue with what he revealed there.

As an aside - apparently my email isn’t visible on my account, which makes the fact that he was able to figure that all out slightly disconcerting.

Mods, feel free to take this down if you’d rather the whole situation just be over. And thanks for resolving it in the first place.

With that saga concluded - pressing this afternoon.

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5/3/1 BBBB: W2D2: Press

5/3/1 Press: 3x95, 3x115, 10x125 (PR)

Press: 5x10 @ 95 (Time: 15:25)
DB Rows: 5x10 @ 65

Leg Raises: 18, 16, 12+4 —> 50 Total
Hammer Curls: 3xRP - 32 Total @ 40
Seated Laterals: 3xRP - 38 Total @ 15
Pushdowns: 3xRP - 32 Total @ 85

That 3+ set may have been the single best set of pressing I’ve ever done, and I flew through the supplementary work. Solid day.

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For reference point, what are you weighing these days? I know you mentioned 190s being the goal, but didn’t know how far the journey was to get there.

125x10 on press is pretty solid. You could definitely hit 135 for a solid 6-8, and that’s not a lift that many people (outside the internet) are casually throwing up. Nice work