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Wrestling Mats

Does anyone know where to get cheap wresting or tumbling mats ?

i got some puzzle mats from Home Depot pretty cheap (esp. with a military discount)…i’ve done some liight drilling on them, but i don’t know if they’re what you’re looking for.

You can get a Tiffin 4x6 mat for a hundred bucks. I’ve got a 8x12 and I only use half of it for solo drills, and could easily do light drills with a partner. I would have to use the whole thing if I wanted to roll though.

Sorry dude, no such thing as cheap wrestling mats. You best bet would be to find a school getting new one and buy one of their old mats.

second thors wrath. i got my puzzle mats when my gym was redone. 20 bucks a square, was the best deal around by a long shot and they hold up nicely for every thing from take downs to grappling (but use common sense). i would highly recommend puzzle mats as a good alternative to the traditional kind.


i have the ones on the far left x6 its a workable space and some shittier ones around it just incase