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Wrestling Match


Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm the man in the blue.


Not bad, good pace of action.


Thanks brother.


not a bad little match! the other guys strikes looked a little pulled but you covered it by not senning them to death, which is good. the only thing i would say is work more on your pops, go for the mega face and youll get them good.

as a wrestler its good to see someone who can blast out a little bit of technical too. its a dying art!


Thanks. I do need to work on the poppin'.

Yeah, I take pride in my technical background; I am a bit of a shooter.
How's the business in England?


slow, but building i guess. the company i work for has tripled the average audience in little under a year, so i guess its not all bad. especially with more and more britwres guys getting onto american tv. hows things over there on the indies?


There are a lot shitty workers in the Indies over here. I think there are too many out of shape guys who haven't really been trained. Too many wannabe workers makes it hard for everyone to make money.

Nonetheless, I can work three days a week out here easily. There is a crowd that wants to see wrestling in the south; I'm just sad that so many people lace up their boots with no ability or intention of giving the fans a good match.


hey man that was goood, how many years you been in the game?


I've wanted to be a professional wrestler since I was 13 years old. I started weight training back then. Eventually, I joined the high school wrestling team. I was trained in 2002-2004, and then I backed off of the pro wrestling game. Did some gymnastics, kickboxing, and Catch wrestling, and I just started back working about a month and half ago.


Cool post, brotha. I'm actually an SC native, and worked indies in Virginia for a couple years. If I didn't have to focus on making actual money I'd still be doing it. I can totally see your technical prowess. Liked your use of the bridge and up and over. in the corner. Keep it up and good luck!


Good match. Most moves pretty cliche but well executed. You obviously need a gimmick, especially without overwhelming size. I suppose you would make a good heel.


Thanks Rass and 40!

Yeah, I usually work heel, and when I am working heel my character is more apparent.


I just moved to South Carolina this week where can I go to see some amateur wrestling looks like good times.


I will be in Chester South Carolina on Friday. Check out http://carolinaindependentwrestling.com/