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Wrestling Instructional DVD for Heavyweights?

Anyone know of a good instructional DVD for folkstyle wrestling geared towards heavyweights?

This one is excellent.

Bruce Baumgartner
Blueprint for Heavyweight Technique


are you in highschool?

I forgot to ad-
that the usual disclaimer
is that you cant really learn how to do this froma dvd-or a book.
This one is pretty specific
and Rizza has a good question.


nah im in college, i walked onto the team last year

Yea, I asked because I didn’t know if you were asking for your kid or yourself or whatever. TBH, heavyweights are not a very technical division in folk-style.

When you get the dvd and start practicing again/ rolling with buddies whatever, I suggest you get really good at 1) being able to stand up from the down position as fast as fucking possible 2) learn to sweep single like a champ (cuz shooting a double and getting stuck under a HW is no fun…)

That’s just some general guidelines I can think of off the top of my head. If you’re really good, hey you can shoot doubles or fireman carry or arm drag to hip toss but, get good at the basics since you just started.

I would work on the very basics

set ups
did I say set ups?
head control
hand/wrist control

changing levels

arm drags

Rizza mentioned being strong from the bottom , sound advice.

learn to use your size weight.