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Wrestling for Gable (87-91)


A MUST read... I'd wait till you have some time to read it in one sitting. Trust me you'll be dying to do so...


What really struck me is that dude didn't do this till he was 24...

You're never dead till you're dead right?


Thanks for posting! This made my day.


Xen Nova,

Great, great post!

Gable was not only a great wrestler but that also transferred to his coaching as well. Not every great athlete can do this.

I only had the chance to read one of the entries but I'll be back.

Thanks for posting this man I never knew it existed.


Xen- this is pure gold.
and yes makes me teary.

I know who this guy is.


WHOA, I posted this with you in mind KMC, didn't think you'd know the guy.
Small world, eh?


Beautiful. Read some time ago. The guy expresses himself really well.


I knew who he was cause he trained at Iowa with the brands
We all scot each other


Do you know I wish I kept a journal

All I have is some scratched up old pads
With run times in them or imaginary pyramids or brackets of tourneys


Thanks for this, Xen Nova. This was a great find. Lots of good info and inspiration.


It's the odd thread like this that keeps me popping back into the combat forum to see what's up from time to time. Read through the whole blog last night, and emailed the link to my old wrestling coach who wrestled for Canada internationally for a few years back in the day. Turns out my old coach used to compete against Barry Davis, and he told me a story of how he lost a match to him 3-2 in the last 20 seconds at a tourney in France, the year after Barry took silver at worlds. Only names I'd recognized in the blog were the Brands brothers, Kendall Cross, and of course Dan Gable, so that was kinda cool to learn. Small world.