Wrestling Facilities In Westchester NY

I live in Yonkers New York which is in Westchester county. My whole life ive wanted to be a pro wrestler. I used to do backyard wrestling with a few of my friends on a trampoline but no longer have it. I was trying to look on google for a place close to where i live that has a wrestling ring that i would have access to. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

umm hmmm. My friend does wrestling, he found his place word of mouth. My advice would be to contact the local new york state promotions. Most states and cities have some local shit, and get int touhc with anyone you can, they will point you int he right direction.

Boxing gyms and pro wrestling stables, rarely have websites or anything. They don’t function like that.

I’m from Westchester, but I can’t say I know any wrestling schools in the area. I would check the Bronx, or other surrounding areas.