Wrestling/Combat Sport Cycle

5 '10
BF 4-5

Goals are to increase strength and endurance with little to no gains.
Any cycle suggestions?

Lol did you really just re-make your post with essentially the same question and hope no one notice. No one is going to help you man your 5’10 and 130lbs you need to fucking eat and actually lift to gain strength as I said literally like a hour ago you would benefit greatly just from actually eating. You have less musculature than your average high-school kid. Sure your probably ripped by at best I’m guessing 12in arms flexed maybe. Your not ready for a cycle.

Haha again. No one will spoon feed you. You need to eat. Then read stickys. Then eat. Then eat

I walk around at about 144, don’t know why it even matters. I don’t know if you guys know anything about
Wrestling and how weight classes work, if you don’t then you have no business posting in this thread. Not all of us here do steroids
For looks or To look at ourself in the mirror.

And since when can you not be strong because you are thin? It’s genetics and of course lifting. Being big doesn’t make you strong. You’re going up against someone the same size. Haha and I wouldn’t know because I’ve never measured my biceps.

i wish i could kick you in the fucking head you cocky skinny fuck

The best for you would be: Cycle a round in the chamber, point at face, pull trigger…

What did I say that was cocky? It’s the truth. BMI doesn’t mean shit in combat sports gay boys.
Lifting weights, taking gear and eating McDonald’s everyday doesn’t make you guys tough or athletes it
Just makes you guys insecure little girls who sit infront of a mirror all day.

Fuckin douche guess what bmi does matter I bet I’m a lot stronger than people “my size” you fuckin idiot and being 135lbs you will never be “strong” and since you have no fucking clue about gear you have no fuckin buisness posting on this board your a little pussy that’s looking for a short cut cause you get beat by guys your size

I bet you are stronger than a lot of guys your own weight. I never said you weren’t. I didn’t mean to upset you and you small dick complex

Well I bet its still more than a 135lb weakling walks around with

Dude just do your self a fucking favor and get off these boards no one is going to help you here espeacially now. And maybe your right we may not know much about weight classes but we know enough about gear to tell you your not ready or need them now at this point so go fuck yourself.

PS- I lift completely for strength and could give to fuck how “cut” I look. Stop acting like your such a hardass if you were some Billy badass MMA fighter or what ever the fuck you do you would be winning and not needing a boost.

[quote]Dhaab wrote:
Goals are…no gains.
Any cycle suggestions? [/quote]


<—Powerlifter, but doesnt understand weight classes

OP you are 5’10 130? You sound kinda hot…wanna cyber?

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
<—Powerlifter, but doesnt understand weight classes

OP you are 5’10 130? You sound kinda hot…wanna cyber?[/quote]

That would be a hot Norwegian crossfit bitch, 5’10 130lbs i’d fuck the shit outta that

but she says she’s only 5% bodyfat (lol), if that’s true she’ll be all wirey and gross

I think in this case she meant BF=Booty Fat 5% not body fat.

[quote]tattoo’d’popeye wrote:
I think in this case she meant BF=Booty Fat 5% not body fat.[/quote]

ROFLMAO the OP just became a she. to be honest, it makes the scenario much more understandable, a ripped 130 chick wanting to get even more ripped. she probably just felt calling herself a “wrestler” makes sense because of her bf’s JV wrestling stories from high school.

She probly hasnt figured out that if she covers herself in glitter and stands in the sun it has Halo like strength effects as well.

If you don’t know anything about weight classes and how weigh ins work then just don’t post on my thread. Some of us actually use steroids for athletics not fucking getting “hyoooge doood”. And if you are doing to get big then you can do it naturally unless you’ve reached your limit. And if that’s the case that’s just fucking gross