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Wrestling and Lifting

Hey everyone, long time lurker and first time posting. Wanted to start up a log at some point and since I’m having a minor surgical procedure done tomorrow thats causing me to have a forced deload for 10 days, I finally have the time.

-20 years old, 6’, around 210 right now
-Current captain of my college’s club wrestling team, planning on probably going 197 next season

Best recent lifts:
-Deadlift= 495x4, 505x3
-Front Squat=225x11, 290x3
-Military Press=165x3
-Weighted pull-up= +45lbsx6, +70lbsx2
-DB Row= 110sx4x8

Goals are to recomp a little so the cut to 197 will be easier, and try to bring up my upper body lifts before practice starts in a month. Since my deadlift went up by about 50 pounds this summer, I’ll probably take a break from heavy pulling for the near future

Former HS wrestler here (215 pounder). The 184’s and 197’s are my favorite college weight classes to watch. Big guys that can move are damn impressive. I played varsity (D3) football in college, and had a handful of HS teammates that wrestled at D2/D3 schools, but if you don’t mind sharing - I am curious what the club experience is like…do you guys compete mostly in Opens? How many tourneys do you get to a year? I assume that you don’t have any dual meets, although perhaps I am wrong about that…

Nice! always good to hear from former wrestlers. It’s actually pretty similar to D3, minus much of the funding. We have dual meets and tournaments with other club and D3 teams, regionals and nationals every year. Level of talent is more or less on par with D3 schools as D3 and D2 teams that want to move up a division have to spend a year in our club league. Only other difference is there’s an additional weight class of 235 too in our league.

We have roughly 3-4 events in November, then for winter break a couple of my teammates and I practice with D3 teams in the area, then we have events every weekend from the end of January till March for regionals and nationals. It’s a good choice for kids who like to wrestle but don’t want their college careers to revolve around it and cutting weight.

-Deadlift= 315x5 365x3 405x2x1 455x2x1 475x2
-Weighted Pullups= +25x3x3 +35x3x3 +45x2x3 +45x6

-Overhead Press= 95x10 115x5 135x5 145x4 155x3 (kind of a grind on last rep) 165x1 115x12
-Incline DB bench=50sx8 60sx8 70sx8 80sx6 65sx15
-Lot of close grip pushups

Deadlift=315x5 365x3 405x2x1 455x2x1 475x2
Weighted Pullups= +25x3x3 +35x3x3 +45x2x3 +45x6

Overhead Press= 95x10 115x5 135x5 145x4 155x3 165x1 115x12
Incline DB Press= 50sx8 60sx8 70sx8 80sx6 65sx15
Lot of close grip pushups