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Wrestling and BBing


I'm trying to decide if I should hang up the wrestling shoes for good. The decision will be made based on these questions.

Do you think wrestling is bad for symmetry? Does that matter in bodybuilding anymore? Can you name any BBers that are into wrestling...by wrestling I mean mat skils not acting

Thanks for he answers

Flame if you want, that will totally accomplish a lot



Dude aren't you like 25% bodyfat?

If anything the conditioning work will be good for you. Does symmetry even matter in bodybuilding? Of course it does, it's one of the main principles of the sport.


a guy at my gym does both wrestling and bodybuilding shows. He's pretty successful in both.


Are you only going to do one or the other or will you carry on bodybuilding no matter what? I say do what makes you feel best and what you enjoy...but more to the point, are you talking recreational bodybuilding or competitive bodybuilding?

I don't see why wrestling would affect your symmetry, and if like me you put fat on easily the wrestling training could offer some variety and cardio, however if I'm nitpicking and you want to look at bodybuilding at a high level, then you may have to ask yourself what impact training and competing is going to have on those calories and training that could be put towards getting HUGE.

Can't think of any bodybuilders who are into wrestling...except the obvious list of pro wrestling actors you mention.


I used to wrestle. But it was a bitch trying to maintain a constant weight, or even having to cut down. And I was dead tired from practices and had no energy to lift anyways. So I said fuck it and now I lift solely for bodybuilding purposes. And, to answer your questions, symmetry is VERY important in bodybuilding, but i dunno how wrestling affects it.


Your profile says you're a trainer/bouncer. Do you wrestle in college or just recreationlly?


you're right way

i'm conditioning n doing my first official cut with a coach now

i've just been curious as to how judging looked at symmetry as Ive heard different things from different people

i've heard size is most important vs symmetry

I;m just curious because I'm right arm dominant and I really only use the left arm for assistance it shows big time in-season on my biceps


I've been on the mat for a while and I am welcoming a new atmosphere so i can part with wrestling and do some coaching if i miss it too bad.

and yea i mean competing

i've been a HW for a good while so size isnt a problem, i just have to drop fat


I havent wrestled in about a year but its all recreational


i'm a hw so i use more grappling than you might have done

i am right arm dominant so that plays a big factor


Well, wrestling is the best conditioning you can get. Symmetry shouldn't be a problem, as wrestling probably won't cause hypertrophy in anything other that your neck and forearms.

PS. This is coming from a wrestler (folkstyle, catch, and professional).


When I wrestled in high school, I was already at such a low bf %, that to continue to bodybuild just taxed the hell out of my body and recovery.

But you probably could do it considering your situation. Maybe focus on brief, heavy weight workouts.


Just seperate the two. During wrestling season my neck is puffed out my waist is blocky and I cut down as much as possible. When I prep for a bodybuilding show I only swim for cardio and diet up my symmetry is fine my waist shrinks and my body fills out. But your a heavy weight and the best heavy weight physiques I see are in BIG ten wrestling. If your just recreational you might look blocky.


What do you mean your waist is blocky?

I'm wrestling this year and I'm just curious.


with wrestling you do a ton of core work, and abdominal work. My best guess is wreslters just tend to gain muscle there from all the work your core recieves. And in return you waist gets wider. Which helps out because its all about center of gravity, technique and quickness.


All the wrstlers who use to go to my school were the biggest leanest guys we had at the school.

I say keep wrestling it i assume is great cardio,beats running like a hamster on a treadmill for a hour. Plus Brock lesner & kurt angle had pretty damn good bodies for wrestlers when they were doing the legit version.