I’ve seen a few posts from fellow wrestlers on this board. I am a high school wrestler, my season ended a few months ago but I went undefeated. This was basically one of the greatest things that’s happened to me in my entire life. I was wondering how you guys train/diet in the offseason and inseason. I currently use a Powerlifting routine but not limited to only bench, squat, and deadlift. All input would be appreciated.-


FS, I used to be HS wrestler as well but now compete in submission grappling. First off, your traing would be dependant on whether or not you are restricted to a specific weight class. If so, powerlifting routines that minimize hypertrophy (growth) would be best. Check out any Pavel Tsatsouline info you can find as it’s pretty interesting and along the lines of what you would need. If you aren’t concerned than try to implement some hypertrophy and endurance type training into your routine.Sport specific training(practice) should be included regardless, of course.

our HS wrestling team has been using a powerlifting routine. bench, dead, squats. add in pull ups and chins, curls, incline and leg curls, and youv got our workout. i hated almost every day of it. our coach is a great wrestler, but not much of a lifter. im planning on going on king’s 12WTSS and limping programs, followed by soem tate workouts if i have time. that and running. . .

i may be overstepping my area of knowledge a bit, but it seems to me that if you are already strong in those lifts, you may want to concentrate on olympic lifts, as they won’t in themselves cause you to gain a bunch of weight (if you dont want to) and they should help increase your power output a lot. In sport, maximal strength is useless if you cannot develop it in the small amount of time required and working on power will increase RFD (learning this in Science and Practice- a very good book btw).

hey what state? you were a state champ? so was i in michigan at 215… i just try to get as big as i can for football and to be in the next higher weight class.ill be hwt next year. you probably want to stay lean but get stronger. any work outs would be fine but more of an endurance workout when season comes…