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Wrestler's V-Diet Lite Log


Alright, here's the deal: I just turned 17, am going to be a junior in HS, and I wrestle. I'm not gettin' much taller, so I'm beginning to control my weight a bit more. At the beginning of my 9th grade season I weighed around 136. By the end, I weighed around 123. I started lifting at the end of 9th grade. Start of 10th grade I weighed around 132ish. End of 10th grade I was about the same.

Now I weigh about 135-7 and I am gonna try and make the 125lb weight class. I need to certify at that weight during the pre-season. My training and diet are in order, but I need to shed a couple pounds before I am within range of 125.

What I think I'm gonna do is the V-diet Lite. I will need to keep my protein intake high so as not to lose muscle and strength.

Here is my current supplement list:
Green Tea Extract
Whey Protein
Casein Protein
Fish Oil (Flameout)
Power Drive

Is there anything you guys think I should ditch or add?

Please comment and give me some ideas and advice. I want to have everything in order before I start.

I'll try and get some pics up tonight so you can see where I starting at.




Add ZMA. It is cheap and effective.

If you have money left over you could give some BCAAs a try, but definately would not call it a neccesity right now for you.


From what I've read, ZMA will help you sleep better. Are there any other benefits besides the added recovery that comes with better sleep? Increased endurance? Increased strength? Of course, better recovery does help all of those.

Thanks for the input,



ZMA helps maintain a high natural testosterone output by refueling the body's supply of zinc and magnesium (which are heavily depleted through exercise) in a highly efficient manner.


If you are already at a healthy weight and you are trying to reach a scratch weight 10-12 lbs lighter, my advice would be to avoid long term diets. excercise as normal, eat healthy and cut weight for your scratch weigh in as you would for a tournament.

Stay at a naturally maintained weight and cut through the season as needed.

Next off season, grow again lean mass wise and do the same for making scratch the following season, even if going up a weight class or two. (by growing bigger muscles and cutting for scratch, your lean mass will stay relatively the same as you climb classes, your strength too, you'll just be bigger)

As a high school student, there is no reason to diet like an adult wrestler. I wrestled in high school too and can tell you from experience that you need to feed your body like a growing boy and not a grown man manipulating his weight for the short term.

You'll wrestle better, have more energy, make better gains in the gym and just be happier over all if you stay healthy and cut when needed.


I agree that in making weight, you should cut when needed and avoid the long term diet. The only problem with that is that I cannot physically wrestle well after cutting from 135 or 6 down to 125 and only have at most 2 hours to refuel. I want to get my walking around weight to be about somewhere in the realm of 131-133. That way, the cut is not too strenuous and I have time to rehydrate sufficiently. So far, this theory has worked for me.



What does BCAA help with exactly?


Chiefly they help with recovery and reduction of catabolism. BCAAs are eaten up during workouts and taking extra postworkout helps turn the body back from catabolism faster. Many people report having less delayed onset muscle soreness, and taken in high enough doses it seems to improve muscle growth too.

BCAAs have been one of the secrets of Surge since it came out. That is part of what sets it apart from other carb recovery, or carb+protein recovery drinks.

I have heard that it is good for keeping cortisol in check so I use it for that reason too. I have had trouble with stress and adrenal function in the recent past.

If you go to the store section of the site and look at the article attached to Biotest's BCAA product you will find a bullet pointed list explaining in a more specific, scientific way, BCAAs benefits.


Got some ZMA. I'm gonna organize the supps into bags so I don't have to deal with it each day. I'm gonna do a V-Diet Lite for maybe 2 weeks. I am already at a a good bf% so I am going to see my progress after 1 week and decide if I continue for 2.

I will be having a shake for breakfast and dinner, as well as 2-3 small meals during the day. I'll start as soon as my Power Drive and Flameout arrive.

I'll keep a log on here to keep everybody informed.




Still waiting for my shipment of new supps to arrive before I start. I missed the UPS guy yesterday : (


Alright, I got my stuff and have started school. TIME TO START THE V-DIET LITE!

My daily schedule should go something like this:

Wake up 6:30
7:00 Breakfast shake
Classes start at 8 and end at 1:50
I will have two meals during school
First one will be at around 10ish and the second will be at around 12:45 maybe 1

Monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday i lift. Lift starts at 2:00 goes until around 3:00. Then wrestling practice from 3-5:15.
Have a post workout snack, and do homework.
At around 8:00ish i will have my dinner shake.

Does this sound good? Should I make any adjustments?

Hoping to start tomorrow and end on saturday (depending on weight loss)


I wrestled all through high school and i am fairly decorated. The major thing i would recommend is to lift another time. Your focus right now is wrestling. If you lift before your practice you will drag your ass. you want to be able to wrestle better. When i wrestled i would treat every practice as if it was a tournament, not only will this make you mentally stronger it will improve your technique by improving your effort on the mats. I would recommend lifting in the morning.

About dieting, i would have to say that a 3 month diet is the most effective way to control your weight(or at least most effective for me). It gets you used to wrestling on depleted nutrients, which is generally how you will be wrestling your tournaments.

that is all i can really think of right now. also if you could try to pick up a copy of "wrestling tough" its a book i have, it was very inspirational. (talks a lot about the brands brothers and gable)