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Wrestlers Bridges

hi guys, quick questions.
with the two types of bridges - where your back is to the floor (reverse bridge) and the other where your stomach is to the floor, are they both working the back of the neck primarily?

i can do the first 4 progressions in this vid-

and i can arch my back up and hold it in no.5 (reverse bridge), but in comparission the the guys foot placement in the normal bridge, mine are further out, so i have less of a V shape. is this ok?

Its a good start.
the big thing is to go slowly and put the emphasis on posture.
If it hurts or your neck cracks , stop.
Go slowly.

this is food and water for any grappler.

once you can hold the forward and backward positions,
you can add some movement and later on some resistance.

the first vid here is excellent a great baseline and something to work towards

the second vid is something I did all the time, and involves allot more anterior core work

lastly you can always add resitance via a plate on your chest and eventually a partner.
this is very common in HS and colllege wrestling to do neck bridges, with a partner on you.

some peoples necks are bothered a great deal by this kind of compression.
and might be better off working with a harness.

videos are not working, that bridge progression is really good

Hmmm should work now.