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Wrestler's Bridge

Could somebody direct me to link or if possible video clip demonstrating a wrestler’s bridge?

nobody hmmm…

Hey dpillai,

Here’s one link that has Matt Furey doing back bridges(or you can call them wrestler bridges) Just scroll down:

It’s not a dynamic movement, so you shouldn’t need a video. It’s not difficult. Here’s a quick description:

Lie on your back, knees bent, feet up by your butt. Put your hands on the floor above your shoulders - you’ll need flexible wrists.

Arch your back, squeeze your glutes, and push yourself into a reverse pushup position like a gymnastic bridge. Then slowly lower your head down till it touches the mat (choose something soft and smooth or you’ll mash up your forehead).

You really want to have your forehead to the floor with your nose touching, NOT resting on the top of your head. With your forehead, its a very stable position. You won’t get that immediately, but if you carefully rock yourself back and forwards trying to touch your nose down, you’ll get there pretty soon as your flexibility improves. Once you can hold that low position comfortably, keep it there without the rocking.

At first, keep your hands there to support yourself and make it safe. You must use your hands to get out of the position too or you’ll break your neck.

Shoot for 5 minutes or so - put some music on to time yourself. As you get better, you can put arms across your chest (once you’re in the correct position) and add weight.