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Wrestler Looking to Build Mass/Strength


well im new to body building i have boxed my entire life and have been wrestling for about 4 years now.. im looking to build mass and get stronger but i really dont know where to start to be honest.
As of right now i eat whatever i want and hit the gym 5 days a week. i eat fairly clean and ave gained about 5 lbs in 2 months since i stopped wrestling.

My normal workout goes like this
Monday: chest / back
tuesday: triceps/ pullups (2 sets of 25) then run a mile
wednesday: abs/ legs
thursday: i do chest again
friday i do all cardio

obviously i know this is a shitty routine but thats why im asking for helo, also what kind of workouts should i be doing? i havent been deadlifting i know i need to do that but can anybody tell me anything else?


any advice would be appreciated


Repost this in the beginner's forum. You'll get a lot more help there


okay thank you for the reply Kamel


Do you still train sports or intend to do so in the future?


I see you're a smaller frame, but don't overfocus on eating "clean" and trying to keep your abs. i don't follow boxing or wrestling, but someone like UFC flyweight John Dodson is your height and walks around 150-160, so I'd maybe keep that as a ballpark mid-term goal to shoot for.

Either way, eating will really be the key.

Something basic, like an upper/lower split, would be better than an imbalanced routine like you mentioned:
or http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/antibodybuilding_hypertrophy_program

Very relevant question.

If you're "retired" from the sport, you're going to approach eating and training somewhat differently than if you still have to "worry" about being in fighting shape.


im currently not, but within the next few months i want to be back in MMA.

thank you Chris