Wrestler Looking at Taking BETA-7

Hello everyone,

I am a college wrestler and I am looking at adding BETA-7. I take these following supplements: Fish Oils, CLA, a Daily Vitamin, COQ10 200 mg and Green Tea extract.

I am trying to drop weight classes for next year and I want to start kinda early because i always hated the 15 pound weight cut in a few days. I am a extremely clean eater (whole grains, fruits,veggies, no red meat, very little dairy, skinless chicken and fish…), and have changed my lifting to more super/tri sets with 3-4 sets of 20 reps as well as a lot more cardio and (HIT type cardio) and will be hitting the mats again soon.

This is my senior year, my last chance to meet my goals and feel I have a very good shot, the only problem is, (and this is what has made me interested in taking BETA-7) is how consistently tired and burnt out I get as well as breathing problems. The breathing has been determined as Athletic Enduced asthma and doctors can not find anything else that could be causing these problems (I should be blowing 630 mm/l but only blowing 400-425 mm/l which means I am basically working out missing a third of my lungs).

Because of all these situations and scenarios I have looked and researched Beta-alanine a ton and it seems like it might work. First i want to make sure that it is 100% legal and that i wont fail any drug tests and I want to make sure that it will not add weight such as creatine? Thank you for any help and sorry for being so short, if more info is needed please let me know.

just make sure you use it before hitting the mats right away and get a feel for the stuff… it makes me sweat a lot

NO RED MEAT?! I didnt know that those words could ever be used in conjunction with each other

Anyway, I wrestled in high school, and I wish that beta-alanine had been around, because we had this sick mixture of creatine and sweat suits…my coach wasnt the most health savvy guy around. I take beta-alanine now and I havent failed any Army drug tests. I hope that helps, ask your coach maybe?

Thanks i appreciate, yeah i cant eat red meat cause for some reason it makes me incredibly sick so I just quit eating it and dont really have a care.

Beta doesnt make you gain weight like creatine does it? Rather its if you want to use it for weight gain you can as you can lift harder and longer or if you want you can use it for cardio to go longer, is this correct?

Correct, by itself BETA-7 will not cause weight gain like creatine (due to water retention).

So do the effects/ gains of beta alanine wear off after you stop taking it? sorry if this sounds like a noob question but it seems to accomplish the same things as creatine through different means

Yup. I backed off my dosage to 1/2, then after a few weeks upped it to full again. Within 2-3 days I was lifting the same weight I previously got for 5 reps consistantly (tough too), for 8 reps, with less difficulty.

Is it really like the Biotest description says that you have to take it three times a day to benefit?

If it should only raise carnosine levels in the muscle why would that be necessary?

It’s time released. spreading it out also helps prevent the tingling