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Wrestler Decides Not to Face Female at Iowa State Finals



The crowd cheered as Cassy Herkelman's hand was raised, but the historic moment of the first girl to win a match at the traditional state wrestling meet comes with an asterisk.

Her opponent, Joel Northrup of Linn-Mar of Marion, forfeited."


It seems the boy who refused was ranked 5th in the state. Also interesting at the finals (with wrestling being huge in Iowa) was that a second female made it. She lost her two matches and was disqualified.


If women are capable of and should be accepted in male sports, then there should not be female exclusive sports.


There isn't for this sport. Wrestling is an exception to the norm because of the weight classes in place. Skill can make up for a deficit in strength/speed as well (to a point). That is not the case in most sports.


Maybe she just wasn't his type :slight_smile:


Why the fuck was there a woman in the boys tournament?

Girls have their own matches, especially at state level.

If I recall correctly, my sister placed 2nd in state going up against OTHER girls like everywhere else. Seriously, WTF??


There are also sports where the natural physical attributes of a girl are more suited to the task, but boys aren't allowed to compete. (gymnastics, kicking, est.)

There are also a lot of sports where physicality is pretty even. Pool, table tennis, bowling, est. That there isn't a mixing of the genders.

If there is a need for female sports then females should play female sports. (there is apparently female wrestling already)


it would of been funny if he wrestled her and manoeuvred her into different sexual positions and dry humped her... you know doggy, cowgirl etc... lol


I did the same thing in 1987.

Things I had going on in my head:

  1. I did not want to hurt her (Justification)
  2. Given 1, I could not in good conscience go hard. (That's what she said!)
  3. What would happen to my reputation if I lost? (Possibly the real reason)


I had a friend in Highschool who wrestled, was put up against a Female and was about to back out of it till the coach got on his ass.

Needless to say he threw her around like a ragdoll.

I think the guy did the right thing by refusing to wrestle her.


I saw a midget wrestle a girl in a match back in high school; funniest damn thing I have ever seen in person. The girl won because when the midget accidentally grabbed her boob during the roll she threw a fit to the ref. After that poor guy didn't know where to put his hands.


It's fucking stupid just like girls trying to be kickers in football. Yea, you can kick a ball, but kickers are required to tackle sometimes.

Either have a girls league or no girls should wrestle. If more girls wrestled then she wouldn't have a problem. Blame the girls.

Next time around the boys should basically make an example of the girls and go all out like they would against another boy. When the girls get hurt this stupid discussion should be over.


Most of you are fucking idiots. If you are in a sport and a girl goes up against you you treat her as any other opponent. PERIOD. It's disrespectful to her AS AN OPPONENT and your being a first class pussy.

That ref was an idiot too. He should have penalized her for being a bitch. If she's going against a guy she needs to understand that everything a guy can do to another guy in a wrestling match he can also do to her. PERIOD.

To my knowledge if a sport isn't available as a girls sport, a girl can participate with the boys. I see nothing wrong with this.

LOL at girls being better at gymnastics and and and kicking bahahahahahaha


Are girls really more qualified ("physical attributes" as you said) to participate in gymnastics then males?? how so? don't give me flexibility reasons because that isn't true for any male gymnast.

I wouldn't really consider pool or table tennis to be a sport. bowling somewhat. Although I completely agree with you that these "sports" should not be gender specific.

I agree again with you that females should play with only females. However, if a female is truly capable of competing against a guy then why not? It is a KNOWN fact, whether anyone would like to admit it or not, but males ARE better than females at SPORTS. Therefore, if a female can compete with men then they should be given the opportunity. However, I have yet to see a female who can compete against males. (compete = on the same skill level as men and not just the physical act of competing)


Show some respect. That boy has more honour than I've seen in years.


It's the avoiding movements that could be perceived as sexual in nature that bothers me about it. A guy with sour grapes might say the other guy cheated. A girl with sour grapes could say that he groped her or some shit like that.

Also, I haven't done wrestling, but I imagine there are times where you accidently move your hands 'places' that you don't want them not to mention you have to avoid the chest now and that could be very bad with an overly sensitive girl.

There could be guys that would try to cop a feel too which would be bad.

Not to mention, a man and woman of equal size, the man will usually have more power, strength and speed.

There's just too much that seems wrong with this idea.

Men and women shouldn't play contact sports together at any official level in my opinion.


No girls are not better at gymnastics. The top female gymnasts can't even dream of doing the things the top men can do.

I agree with all of your post except the part about ping pong. It's way more of a sport than bowling. Watch some world class video. Some amazing stuff goes on at a ping pong table.


I hate all you motherfuckers, except Rico.


Marzouk, you are ok in my book.


I thought it was funny you kept capitalizing "period" when talking about the girl and being a bitch.