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Wrecked Wrists

I’m 16 and play feild hockey. I have a 2 year training age in the gym. due to the awkward twisting and turing during my sport I have developed chronically aching wrists. every time i play, practice or lift weights I’m in great pain and compromised performance. Pleas help me out with any advice cas I really need some. I want to go far with this sport so I need a way to defeat my problem. I’ve tried taping but didnt really know what i was doing. got any guidlines for taping? I was thinking of using “old school grip Training” will that reduce joint pain in the wrists? thnx for any help

here is my 2 cents after years of martial arts and trying to get really strong grip/wrist strength:

lay off wrist curls for awhile if you do them. They are good exercises, but may just aggravate the soreness.
see a professional to make sure it isn’t a real injury. stretch your wrists often. Try my favourite exercises for grip training:
towel pullups, pinch grip plates, make yourself a wrist roller and do deadlifts. All of these exercises will dramatically improve your grip and your performance in a stick/raquet sport. If you get really into it, get John Brookfield’s Mastery of Hand Strength from Ironmind, its a goldmine. Finally, I would say that it might have something to do with the fact that you are only 16. You body hasn’t finished growing and you haven’t had time to develop your grip/wrists, etc. unless you grew up on a farm or similar. As for taping I don’t have a clue but I tend not to believe it in general as it can lead to weakness in the muscle being supported. But if you need to for a game do it. Also, look online about Ice Hockey training you might find something there as well in regards to taping (but I doubt it, we Canadians aren’t sissies- kidding). Talk to your coach too. Good luck.

Thanks a lot for your advice. i am on my way to working such grip strength excercises into my workouts. i have never done wrist curls actually and i ussually do nothing but compound lifts. after just a few days of stretching they already feel much more mobile. your a life/carrer saver buddy. Oh and if you were kidding about not being sissie, does that mean you Canadians are sissies?

And i would love to ask my coach but she knows less about hockey than me (let alone strength training). you see while i do have talent which i hope will get me far, i live in a very small town and our sports are low in funds and the teams are… er well as the spanish say EL PIECE OF SHITTO!

thnx again for your help.

haha. no, I was kidding that if you need to tape your wrists you are a sissie. Canadians sissies? No way. Good luck with the training.