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I just got some wraps about four days ago and I love them so much, I want to wear them when I go to sleep. My question is what are all the lifts that I should use the wraps for and what lifts should I not use the wraps.

Last question which is just curosity how many of us Hard A$$es on T-Nation use wraps?

Thanks for the help and Ill see yall in the Gym.


well i have a pair of wraps. the only time i'll use them is when i want to do heavy clean pulls and partial deadlifts (without a mixed grip). other than that i haven't really used them too often...not a big fan of wraps, but they serve their purpose


I love wraps for heavy deads and heavy db rows. That's the only time I use them.

I never use the cross grip for deads. I've never liked it so I just grab the bar overhand.

Overall my grip is very strong, but I was involved in a car accident about 10 yrs ago now and lost my ulner nerva and main artery in my right hand. At reps below 3 on the dead my hand doesn't have the power to maintain the hold. It just starts to open up.

Plus--even wo/injury, almost to a man it will allow you to lift more weight. That is the key isn't it?


I believe you guys are referring to straps not wraps. Get it straight!!!

Straps - go around barbell

Wraps - go around wrist or knee


Are you guys talking about wraps or straps? I'll assume wraps since that is the topic title.

When I was into powerlifting I used wraps for squatting but only with max weights for singles. I never used them for working sets. I don't think it's a good idea to rely on them too much when you're trying to build up the squat. Your knees will be fine as long as your squatting technique is sound. Wraps are an artificial aid for the knee joint. You want the knee to be as strong as the rest of the leg and this won't happen if you use wraps all the time on leg exercises.

I still use wraps for my wrists when benching heavy because of the direct pressure they help alleviate. The use here though is completely different. The wraps in this case helps to immobilize the wrist joint. You don't want movement in the wrist as you would in the knee during a squat.

If we're talking about straps(grip aids) I never use them until my grip gives out on an exercise. They are a useful tool when the grip gives out but shouldn't be overused as this will hinder the development of grip strength. Hope this was helpful..



I use straps for my Db kick Backs I can get up to a heavy set of 5 with 5lbs, the straps really help me grip the dumbbell.

Yeah I also wrap my knees I get so excited before kickbacks......


you love ya kickbacks dont ya? yes you do, dont ya, ya little kickback you!!!