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I've been squatting for the last two and a half months using knee sleeves. Last time I used wraps was in competition and hit 415 with some left on the platform. Yesterday, I used wraps for the first time since May and grinded out 405 for a single. I feel like I have gotten a lot stronger since May but that squat doesn't reflect that. Could it be due to the fact it was the first time I've squatted heavy with wraps in a while Also, do you guys prefer training with wraps all the time or just prepping for a competition? First post for me so any input would be great. Thanks guys


Could just have had a bad training day. Also, think about all of the extra adrenaline you likely had on the platform. I think being able to use the wraps effectively is key, but training without them allows you to get more out of less weight. Just my opinion on that.


Only when prepping personally I hate putting the fuckers on.


Meh, I have the same problem. I've gotten some pounds from wraps before, but usually I don't feel like they help at all.


I didn't read whole post if you don't feel like you get something out of wraps your either not wrapping them worth a shit, the wrap its self is not worth a shit, or you don't know how to use them worth a shit lol.


Agreed I get at least 50 lbs. out of my wraps and they're only 2m.


Thats the problem I usually do get at least 40 lbs out of them lol I was wondering if it would take me a few squat sessions to get the most out of them again.


Yea agreed especially since it was my first meet, I was pretty jacked up lol. Thanks for the advice


Yeah but you should be be getting more out of them if your not your wrapping is off some where or you don't have a very good wrap in general.



I used a pair that my buddy has and they are fairly nice wraps I wouldnt buy them myself but I like something I get a few extra revolutions out of like the APT 2x or The Lilliebridge Wraps. I know alot of people dont like them but I enjoy them. However that was with a closer stance. Now that I am playing around with a ultra wide squats I prefer something thick as hell like the KLA 3000s or the Elite FTS Heavies.


So they're a bit heavier than the lilliebridge wraps? I use a medium/close stance and I'm just looking for something I'll get a shit load of weight out of.


Yeah they are stiffer in my opinion I don't get as many revolutions. I know I love the lilliebridge wraps when my stance is they are very hard to best especially if you have some one else to put them on. I much prefer them over the APT 2x.