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Wraps for 1st (Raw) Meet


Looking to do a raw meet at the end of January.

Bench is low right now (200), and I don't really need them right now, wrists are uncomfortable when pressing, but nothing unbearable. I need to order a singlet, so I just want to get the wraps now, so I have them when I need them.

Right now, the only place I found in Canada is the OPA, they sell Titan stuff exclusively.

My choices with them are the THPs, Titaniums and Max RPMs, up to 24".

Any suggestions within these 3? Or another supplier in Canada? I've ordered stuff from EFS before, and I got raped on the duty.


I buy all my Titan stuff from Louis. It isn't actually the OPA selling it. It's his ad on their site. I've used THPs and RPMs. I use the short ones because I have thin wrists and can't bother with the extra wrapping. However, if I were you, I'd get the longer ones. I haven't noticed an appreciable difference between THPs or RPMs. They're supportive and they support just fine.


Honestly right now since your bench is low, I would go woth whatever is cheapest. My first pair was an off brand from disciple training, and they were like 15 bucks. I didnt have a huge bench at all, but they worked fine. Just get the cheapest and wrap them tight. Once you get into heavy weights, or into gear, then you could get better stuff.

For right now just keep it simple. Remember that.


I use 24" THPs, my first wraps were 20" Inzer red and blacks (similar to titan red devil, I'd guess). The THP fabric is really stiff, and can abrade your skin, but that's kind of why I like it. I'd start out with softer, stretchier ones. They will still give plenty of support.


Just dont go with wraps that are too stiff.... my first set of wraps were the EFS super heavy black ones and they were too stiff for me so I switched to the Inzer wraps and they are ideal. Also its better IMO to get wraps that are a little long rather than too short. Always remember keep a tight fist when wrapping


Thanks for the replies. I'm still asking around some of the local PL feds to find more suppliers.

Any suggestions on length? I have pretty small wrists (~6.5"), dunno whether to go 50 cm (~20") or 24".

Merry Christmas, thanks again.