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Wraps and Sleves

I’ve got issues from the Army and I am looking for some general direction any wrist wraps and knee/elbow sleeves for the up-coming winter. I have never used any of the gear and have no idea how i should shop. Any of you guys in the community have any suggestions?

I have issues from the Marines lol. I use Tommy Kono knee sleeves to keep my knees warm when squating/ deadlifting. For my wrist wraps I use Metal all black 60s.

are they pretty easy,as in breaking it down to a 6 year old lvl of useage instruction lol. I am not stupid but 15 IED blasts and years of D-line football playing have made me abit slow lol.

The knee sleeves are super easy. Just have to use a little effort to slip them on lol. I got my wrist wraps from Elitefts. There is actually a video on the page that shows how to put them on.

u rock ty and btw what RCT were you in?

I was with 3rd Bn 5th Marines, 0331. Last combat deployment was Fallujah, Iraq back in 07.

I’ve had the tommy kono and Titan knee sleeves. I prefer the titans. They’re thicker and easier to put on. They don’t require any “break in time.” They more expensive but worth it.

Do you wear them for support?

i was in tikrit in 07, fallujah in 08 and arab jabour in 09 attached to RCT 7(for the 07 run.)