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Wrapping Your Knees at the Correct Time at a Meet?


Hey everyone. I’ve got my first RPS meet in one week. It takes me about 3-4 minutes to wrap my knees so I was wondering when I should start wrapping before stepping onto the platform (2 lifters before me? 1 lifter before me?). The 1 minute clock starts when the bar is loaded and I don’t want to either still be wrapping or having my legs go completely numb by the time the bar is loaded. Thanks in advance.


I’d start two out.


It depends on the speed of the platform crew. Observe the flight before yours if possible and clock the speed of the crew to change weight and adjust the rack. Then compare your speed of wrapping to your result. Be careful during third attempts because you get lifters failing, running the clock and passing, using more of their clock time, etc.

Finally, wraps don’t need to be pulled to the max. If you pull to max tightness you will not get the same bounce out of the hole. This way if you wrapped a tad early, your wont go numb.


I start wrapping when the lifting in front of me is walking towards the bar.

I don’t want to wait 2 hours in wraps and i don’t want to be rushed. Unless their weight is exactly the same as mine then I’ll wrap when the lifter before them is squatting.


Ok thanks for the advice guys, I’m a bit slow with the wrap so I’ll give myself some time.


Better yet get someone else to wrap your knees! It makes a world of difference.


I started about 4 out men lol, that worked out well because the flight was moving quickly.


That’s how it’s done. You need to adjust your wrapping time based upon the speed of the progression.


Never liked doing that. I find that if you max the wraps, you can remove all the elasticity and you will not bounce out of the hole. Different strokes.


I could definitely see your point in not wrapping to max potential but I guess “different strokes for different folks would apply” here. Malanichev, for example, has the tightest wrap I’ve ever seen. He gets like 10+ revolutions out of a cast like 2 meter wrap lol. I have the Lilliebridge Slingshot Red Wraps and they have almost no elasticity so I don’t really see the point in wrapping lightly, might as well just crank the hell out of them because they create such a cast.


Depends on the wrap you’re using. Some give rebound, some give stopping power.

Also just because someone else wraps your knees doesn’t mean they have to crank them down to all hades. The entire point of a handler is to make sure your meet goes well for you.