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Wrapping Up Cycle; Input on Next?



Wrapping up a cycle of 6 weeks 100mg oral primo ED and ~14 weeks of 500mg test e as it appears I’m stalling out.

I my previous cycle was wks1-2 50mg hdrol and finished up with wks4-6 with 100mg and a base of 125mg test e TRT. I had some pretty good hard gains on that.

So, after I cruise at 250mg test e / wk for 10 weeks (@flipcollar I’d appreciate input on this cruise timing / dose), I plan on combining the two as they’re classified class I and class II and will have some synergy:

Wks 1-14: 500mg test e, 250mg * 2 split doses
Wks 1-6: 75mg-100mg hdrol
Wks 1-6: 100mg oral primo

If I run 100mg/day of hdrol, it’ll be split into 4 equal doses (25mg) spread 3 hrs apart as I felt liver strain on 50mg. Oral primo isn’t a 17aa, so I don’t foresee a problem with this dose (50mg twice daily).

But, I’m seeing that with stacks (like epi / hdrol), the typical higher dose of both is split in approximately half. I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind this other than potential liver problems.

Would 100mg oral primo + 75mg-100mg oral hdrol be too much? Or should it be split as well, ie, 50mg oral primo + 50mg hdrol?

  • No need for advice on AI or PCT


I’m assuming you’re not coming off gear ever again and you said you don’t want pct advice, since you’re blasting and cruising, is that correct? This would affect my advice. I’m going to assume this in my response.

So for one thing, the potential liver problems (and other health problems) are EXACTLY why someone would limit dose in any circumstance. If there were no health problems associated with higher dose steroids, we’d all be running 5 grams of everything a week, right?

I’m not intimately familiar with either hdrol or primo, but my understanding is that both are pretty mild. I don’t really see your proposed cycle being an issue, health-wise. I’ve run more toxic gear at higher levels and had clean bloodwork. That being said, the only way you can be sure it’s not affecting YOU negatively is by getting bloodwork yourself. I know people who have run cycles similar to mine and gotten terrible results back. Everyone responds differently.


Correct, but if I do, it’ll be just lowering it to a TRT dose. This is why I tagged you as I’ve read a little on your B&C. I’ll be keeping my B at 500mg test-e for now though… seems to work ok for me.

That’s what I thought about hdrol at first, for me, because of all of the information on the stuff. But, I learned through trials that cutting down to 25mg spread throughout 4 equal doses still gave me the same results without the liver strain. LDL did spike way above “high” (like nearly 300 iirc), but went down below “low” (~130) about 2 weeks after the cycle ended.

Probably best to do this. In fact, I do it once every 2-2.5 months to see if my cholesterol is in check already. What else should I be looking for? And specifically, if I chose 100mg Primo/100mg hdrol, when should my first test be to determine to back off? Week 1, 2, 3, 4…?



if you are thinking about blasting and cruising then just take it slow and go for the long run no point in running harsh compounds to make fast gains, if i had the money and time i would do primo and deca and just run that, best lean gains.


depends on what you want to see in your bloodwork. if you want to see your bloodwork at its ‘worst’, wait until like the last week of using the orals. That will give you the best indication of whether you’re getting too far out of range for your own liking. This is what I would do. You could also wait until you’ve been off the orals for a couple weeks and get bloodwork to see how fast your levels normalized/ if they did in a reasonable period of time. I personally wouldn’t mind my bloodwork being out of whack for a few weeks on orals if i knew that too weeks later i would be back in range.


There is only primo IM 100mg and oral 5mg tablets in Japan. Since syringes are a controlled item here, I have to go in for my shots. Each primo shot is $6 and I’d need to run it each day for results, not only costing a ton, but wasting an hour out of my day. So, I’ve settled on the “more” (but still less as not 17aa) toxic primo tabs at about $70 for the 840 tablets I need for a cycle.

Test and primo are the only pharma grade anabolics here too… so not much of a choice.

Thanks. Just to play it safe my first run, I’ll check at cycle Wk5 of 6 to determine if I need to stop and wk2 post cycle (also another baseline at wk10 of cruise to see if I should begin).

But man, I wish I could run some dbol. The only thing stopping me is that I’d be pissed off if I paid so much for it and got bunk dbol that was really methyltest when I can literally walk in my doc’s office and come out with enough for a cycle of that for like $10.