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Wrapping Up Cycle - Few Questions

I am finishing up a 10 week cycle of Test E and Anavar and had a few questions about this last stretch. Find so much conflicting information out there so looking for advice.

I started taking the anavar at week 4 and wonder if I should continue with it all the way until I start PCT or stop at the same time as my last shot. I know the half-life is shorter so it makes sense to me to keep taking it until the test is out of my system, but just wanted to check on that.

As far as PCT - I plan to do this, which may be too much…
Day 1 PCT - Clomid 200 mg
Week 12 + 13 - Nolva 40 mg day + Clomid 50 mg day
week 13 + 14 = Nolva 20 mg day + Clomid 25 mg day

Also, this was my first cycle - couldnt be happier with my results… 15 pounds put on in 2 months, noticeable for sure but not so bad that people questioned what i was doing other than lifting heavier and harder.

THanks for all your help.

Certainly, using the var, or any oral, up until the day before the PCT is common.

About 24 hours after you take it, its going to be out of your system completely, and will be noticeably active for less time than that.

You can technically even use low dose var for the first week or so of the PCT, just use it in the morning.

Mixing clomid and nolva hasnt been shown to do too much for people

I would pick one and go with it at standard doses.

Personally I would use nolva.

If you are going to run both I would only run the clomid for two weeks, I wouldn’t use clomid for the last two weeks, I would just use nolva.