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Wrapping Hands for Heavy Bag

 I used the search engine and nothing came up.No formal training at all but I love hitting that thing.Too much cause I fucked up my knuckle on my baby finger...I did a uppercut and it swelled up and bruised.Hurts like a bitch when I try to catch a football mostly.

I bought the wrap and used my old sparring gloves from karate and did my best.Are there any youtube vids out there that are good at teaching how to properly do this?

This is not a troll attempt.I really want to learn how to do this right. Any help would be great.


Took me two seconds to look up....


most o injuries for not wrapping your hand happen on your wrists, i think you should learn proper form on all punches, your injury must have been for bad technique.


And stop using karate sparring gloves on the heavy bag. Get some bag gloves.


Agreed. I don't use wraps and haven't had any problems. If you got a boxer's fracture it's cause you hit something like an asshole.


got to agree the metacarpals are not that fragile-
unless you drink and hit a wall.



or the heavy bag is filled with bricks/stones


...or because you hit too hard of an object :).

Also some guys just lack the durability naturally, and just learning proper form won't do much for them. It's amazing how much you can improve the amount of punishment your hands/shins/etc can handle.




fuzzyapple-Thanks for the link's


big boss-I have bag gloves and will switch back.

fightingirish26-yes I was.

kmcnyc-I drink but I don't hit walls.


cockneyblue-I deserved that.

Appreciate the info,thanks.


are some guys built for this or somethin? I'm askin cause I know lots of guys who hit stuff with their fists and it kills their hands n such. But I've always had "hard" knuckles? lol just feel like I've never really hand a metacarpal injury and I've hit like "an asshole" before haha.

I'm sure we all have..but I've actually thrown everythin i could in the moment..obviosuly hit wrong, and still hand is okay..sometimtes a bit sore..but nothin broken...and this isn't a one time thing..interesting..


Depends. I've been in some shit where my hands were swollen the next day but I didn't break anything... however, I've broken the middle knuckle on my right hand- it's split right down the middle. And my hands do tend to give me problems now, especially my right hand.

It's another thing you're kind of born with... some guys have brittle hands like Mayweather, others break them occassionally like Gatti, others you never hear them having problems.