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Wrapped Squats Carryover to Deadlift?

My raw squat has always had a huge carryover to my deadlift. My quads are usually the limiting factor on both. I’ve recently started wrapping my knees on my top sets due to an achy knee. I obviously get a few more reps wrapped anyway. But I just wonder if it’ll still carry over effectively to my deadlift. For reference I get 10-15% extra out of wraps on a 1RM.

when i was using wrap, i was stronger because i never use them and it gives like you said maybe 10-15% more to your 1RM. But i felt like my legs was getting smaller. When you squat down and you go for the rebound, there’s a big part on the legs who is not working anymore. strenght didn’t increase too

Nothing wrong with knee wraps but you shouldn’t do all your squatting in them because it reduces the work the quads have to do and won’t help the connective tissue to grow. Maybe try to fix your knee instead of looking for a band-aid solution.

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I don’t think there is a good rule of thumb for carryover. I’ve heard of people that, when prioritizing squats, will have their bench increase without really trying. Same with deadlifts.

A good counterexample… I just came back from a lower back injury and in competition hit a lifetime squat PR while, on the same day, deadlifting 70 lbs less than my personal best. So clearly my squat improvements weren’t translating to an improved deadlift.

This can be true even for very similar movements. I’ve seen guys do all their DL training on a DL bar with thick plates stacked to the end (more bar bending so less range of motion in the lift), push their gym deadlift up by 50-100 lbs, and then not be able to PR in competition (less bar bend, more range of motion).

At the end of the day, if you’re gambling on progress in one lift translating to progress in another, you’re doing just that… gambling. The safest thing to do is make sure you seeing regular, reasonable strength gains in movements as close to whatever your competition standard is as possible.

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