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Wrangler Unlimited


I have been thinking about getting on these. What has held me back was the poor gas mileage. My current vehicle gets much better mpg, smooth ride, easy to get the kid in and out of her car seat, been useful and comfortable for long car trips.

Problem is, when I need it for hauling anything of weight or length, driving to hiking trail heads that are not car friendly, not all that bad but not all that confidence building in snow, my current vehicle lets me down. I drove a pickup for 12 years that I could take anywhere and haul nearly anything with no problem. I miss that capability, especially lately. So I am considering a new vehicle.

I do not plan to be during big time off-roading (though trail driving is fun), will be using it in plenty of bad snow, I would like to be able to load it up with heavy stuff or big stuff on the top. A trailer is an option, so how does it tow? I would get the hardtop and prefer driving a manual transmission.

So are these any good?


I'm trading in my civic next year for an '11 Mustang and I was thinking of grabbing a late model Wrangler to beat around in the winter here in Mass myself. I say go for it


I love my mustang....but I would never take it "off road" or even near that road. It rides great...but it is not built for towing anything. Honestly, if I get another car, it will be a truck. Those jeeps are narrow as hell. Last time I sat in one, I could even relax my shoulders.


Yeah I wouldn't either I want to get one for a beater and a snow sled and save the 'stang for non snow covered roads


Buy a corvette - stuff the kids in the hatch.


The Unlimited looks wider than most of the other Jeeps. I would love a truck but it needs to be a 'family' vehicle and the four door pickups are just too expensive.


I thought this was gonna be about jeans.


Why not get another truck? The Wrangler doesn't really have any advantages for the kind of stuff that you are describing. There's very little cargo capacity in the Jeep which means towing a trailer which is cool (I take my track bike in a trailer) but it does limit your (legal speed) and sometimes you just want to load up and go.

I've got an SUV now but a pickup is definitely my next vehicle.



I have the Wrangler Unlimited. In orange.

I fucking love it.


Hookem I knew you were a University of Texas fan. :slight_smile:


Hold off for now. The Gladiator might see production. I'm not a fan of 1/4 ton trucks like the Dakotas, S-10a, or Rangers, but I would buy this guy.

On an unrelated note, my '06 Mustang just rolled 35,000 miles. I think I'll keep her for another year or 2 then trade her in on a 2012/2013 Boss 302 Mustang (or SRT-8 Challenger if they start offering plum crazy as a paint option again).


How is that gas guzzling beast allowed on the road and Hummer was forced out of business? What does it get like 2mph? I can see it now you start the engine it goes to half a tank


damn it, dude....always have to one up somebody.


He is Cajun probably thinks its hotter there then here X.


I live in Egypt and every 18 yr old daddy's girl/boy has one of these. I initially wanted one, now i'm sick of the sight of them tbh.

Interior and build quality is diabolical, the mpg is just as bad with little power and not much performance.

Toyota fj cruiser maybe?

Land rover defender would put the wrangler to shame hands down.


What you talking about? It gets 18mph Highway. My truck only gets 15mph if I'm going downhill with tailwind. I don't think it's actually a beast. Only 138" wheelbase x 77" wide. It's smaller than most 1/2 ton (1500 / 150) pickups.



Honestly I've been jonesing for a BOSS 302 model since I heard they were redesigning the Mustang in '05. I damn near bought a '11 model when Ford bumped the HP to 400+, but held off because I had just paid mine off, and didn't want another car note. I've driven 3 GT500 Cobra's but never felt the urge to buy one. Stamp BOSS 302 on the side and I'm sold.


Actually I'm born and raised Texan. I just got transplanted to the boot state and developed a taste for the food and the women.


Or he's a Sinatra fan.


man, find yourself a 90's ford bronco. the states has tons still in amazing condition. i picked mine up for 2500. its got some minor body rust now but it runs perfect and i beat the fuck out of it. there solid trucks.

wide wheelbase, 2 rows of seating, still room in the back, removable roof, replacement parts are easy to find and cheap if something did break, the 5L (which i have) is a solid engine and if you wanted more power you can get one with a 351.