WPO Live Stream

If you haven’t been watching you’re missing out.

Even if you hate geared lifting this is an awesome setup and a great thing for powerlifting.


Maybe it’s because I’m in Canada, but the link just takes me to the ESPN home page. I searched “wpo powerlifting” and there is nothing.

Probably. Look for ESPN3 under channels though.

It looks like I have to sign up and pay money to watch anything.

Hopefully it shows up on youtube or something for the non-US folks.

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It’s sad that the bullshit is starting about Hoff’s depth.

I don’t understand how people whine about it. First, it looked pretty good to me and second, do they think anyone in equipped lifting cares? The mere fact that it’s on goddamn ESPN speaks volumes about how good equipped lifting is for the sport.

You never see anyone complaining who has achieved much in the sport raw, it’s the people in the middle and bottom of the pack.


I saw great depth for him. So yeah. Who know.

Me too. Better than some other of his records.

I think it boils down to people not being willing to acknowledge that squatting down in a soft suit and maybe wraps bears no comparison to squatting down in multiple layers of hellishly stiff equipment that dictates to you where you will go. You sure as shit aren’t going to go any deeper than you absolutely have to.

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Here’s Hoff’s big squat:


As far as the depth argument goes, it isn’t actually below parallel but this is multi ply and they obviously have different standards. If you don’t like it then don’t lift in multi ply gear, if you think it’s easy to squat like that in gear then please post a video of yourself squatting 577.5kg in the same manner.

But there were some ridiculously high squats passed, if you look at the comments on that video there is another video of Debbie Damminga squatting about 6-8 inches high and getting 2 white lights. I honestly have no idea how they judge depth there.

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I saw some questionably high squats on the females.

I felt the men were all very reasonably called for the most part.

Particularly hoffs. felt it was the deepest he’s been in a long time.


A lot could be done with this